It’s the $64,000 question. And now, The Burn has answers.


Finding a precise population for Brambleton is a bit of a challenge, but according to one source, there are roughly 18,745 residents as of 2016. That’s bigger than many small towns. Heck, it’s bigger than most small towns. Yet, Brambleton doesn’t have a single gas station to service all those people and all those cars. To our thinking, Brambletonians have to come up to Broadlands or all the way over to Loudoun County Parkway and the Tollway to get gas.

Why? It’s a question that has perplexed us for years — and a lot of other Ashburn residents too. So The Burn turned to Kim Adams, the president of the Brambleton Board of Directors, for answers. And it turns out the answer is relatively simple: “It’s really just about connectivity,” Adams said.

Because a few major roads still haven’t been constructed or widened, Brambleton is figuratively not “fully connected,” it’s the “end of the line” — without a lot of major thru-traffic. Most retailers — including fast-food restaurants and yes, gas stations — make decisions on where to locate based on a) population in the area and b) traffic counts — the number of cars passing by each day. Brambleton may have the population, but it doesn’t have the traffic counts — yet.

Image: Brambleton community

Adams says Brambleton itself — the developers — have basically built, widened and improved all the roads they control, but other critical portions are owned by other entities and so the work isn’t complete. “We’ve built all the roads around us, but we are missing some of the key connections,” Adams said.

Think the portion of Loudoun County Parkway that will connect southward to 606 and Route 50 in South Riding. Or how about the Belmont Ridge Road/Northstar Boulevard corridor that will eventually connect southward to Route 50 and then all the way down to Interstate 95. Once these critical pieces are in place, Brambleton will likely have more traffic, and all the retail and gas stations they could ever want. But these projects are still at least a couple of years away based on current schedules.

This image, from KLNB Retail, shows a proposed Brambleton retail center, including a gas station.

Back to the question at hand — Brambleton and a gas station. Currently, there are no definitive plans or signed leases. Adams says one of the most likely locations would be at the intersection of Northstar Boulevard and Shreveport Drive. There are commercial pads there and preliminary plans call for a gas station, along with a pharmacy, a fast-food restaurant and an auto center. But again — there are no deals yet, so this is just wishful thinking at this point.

One other interesting note: a parcel of land next to the parking garage at Brambleton Town Center — the space between Sport & Health and Northstar — is also zoned for a gas station. But Adams says that’s not an option currently being pursued.

  1. Jeddie Busch 7 years ago

    Great article. This is definitely a popular conversation topic.

    • The Burn 7 years ago

      Thanks Jeddie.

  2. Peter Kirschner 7 years ago

    There is conversations at the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to approve a gas station next to the Walmart in the newly built Dulles Landing shopping center. It appears they are trying to accelerate the approval/building process, it originally was a pad for fast food that they have to convince the board to switch to a gas station and gain all the EPA approvals. This is not in Brambleton but would give you another option on the Route 50 side.

    Also, I have noticed there may be a gas station at the Moorefield Town Square shopping center (off Loudoun County Parkway near Ryan Road). No word on when that may be built but plans show some sort of one. This would not be in Brambleton but be a tiny bit closer than the existing Exxon off Loudoun County Parkway near 267.

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