Possible sites for a new store include locations in and near Ashburn.

This is not a drill. We repeat this is not a drill. Trader Joe’s is exploring Ashburn and surrounding communities for a new location.

The Burn has now spoken to two separate officials connected with Ashburn area shopping centers who confirm that representatives for Trader Joe’s are actively talking with landlords, negotiating for a new store location in Loudoun County.

We’re told locations under consideration include spaces in or near Ashburn. While nothing is apparently official yet, our sources guessed an announcement could come within the next month or two.

A Trader Joe’s spokesperson responded to our email, but said they couldn’t confirm anything. However, that’s not surprising. TJ’s is famous for keeping plans close to the vest.

Stay tuned to The Burn for updates.

(Image at top: Trader Joe’s)

  1. RL Lang 6 years ago

    Thank you Chris! My heart is racing and my palms are sweating! Now if you can only convince bagel city of Rockville to also join the Loudoun fun.

    • CT6PlL+h5sSQooZVdvMIW7iG5zvbeaVW1NPR2JoEv+8= 6 years ago

      YES!!! we need a good bagel place… they would do such good business out here!

  2. Valawman 6 years ago

    Be nice to think that the Village Center at Belmont Green is one of the locations under consideration, but I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Jackie 6 years ago

    Yay! But it needs to be somewhere with terrible parking. Trader Joe’s always have the worst parking lots!! ????

  4. Sherry 6 years ago

    Come to Ashburn please!!

  5. c 6 years ago

    Oh man! I heard a rumor it was going in the old Walmart space in Leesburg when they move.

  6. Sujata 6 years ago

    Great news! We’ve been hiking all the way to reston to shop at trader joes!
    Can’t wait!

  7. K. Beavers 6 years ago

    Please, please, please come to village center at Belmont Greene…..this shopping center NEEDS a grocery store again….

  8. Barbara 6 years ago

    I have been calling the Belmont green location FOREVER… what a great shot in the arm for that shopping center and plenty of parking!! Others will come and Belmont Ridge RD will finally be up to the task!! Yayyyy!

  9. schonagross 6 years ago

    Please bring Trader Joes to Loudoun County! When I lived in Reston, I was there at least one a week. The commute is just too far from Brambleton. Loved the store since I lived in California!!!!! Fabulous food, wonderful products!!

  10. Lyndy Gaylor 6 years ago

    Please move to ONE LOUDON!!! The location and neighborhood is perfect for a TRADER JOES!!

  11. Harjeet 6 years ago

    Brambleton please.

  12. wtpjr 6 years ago

    Brambleton please!

  13. Eric 6 years ago

    The Fresh Market is closing in One Loudoun, great space to move right in!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tom 6 years ago

    Fresh Market in One Loudoun is closing in a few months – this would be a fantastic spot and a much better option for that location

  15. Margot Olenik 6 years ago

    Broadlands at the old Safeway, please!!!

  16. RJohnson 6 years ago

    Any updates??

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