good fortune

The new Good Fortune Sushi Bar & Restaurant quietly opened Thursday on Truro Parish Drive in the Broadlands. The sign is up, the lights are on and a slow but steady stream of carry out customers was coming through the doors when The Burn stopped by this evening.

Good Fortune used to be a couple of miles away in the Junction Plaza shopping center. Now, it’s moved into a former bank building at the corner of Truro Parish and Chickacoan Trail Drive.

Among the oddities we noticed — both the take-out menu and the restaurant’s website still display the old menu and the old address. Yet one of the noteworthy features of the move was the addition of sushi to both the restaurant’s name and the more traditional Chinese menu.

We are also interested to see what they do with the bank’s former drive-thru lanes and the pneumatic tubes that once carried money, checks and deposit slips back and forth. We would love to have some chicken fried rice delivered via the tubes, but we suppose that could be a little messy.

good fortune