The restaurant will be taking over the Starbucks space next to Potbelly Sandwich Shop at Pipeline Plaza.

A few weeks ago, The Burn told you about new retail spaces becoming available at Ashburn Crossroads, the shopping center that is often called Pipeline Plaza (where IHOP, Fuddruckers, Bertuccis and Potbelly are). Now we know the first new restaurant moving in there: The Halal Guys, a fast-growing NYC-based chain that specializes in American Halal dishes such as chicken and gyro meat with rice or in wraps. The recipe for its popular white sauce is a closely guarded secret.

halal guys

As we reported, a new building is under construction in between Bertucci’s and the building that houses Potbelly and Starbucks. When the new building is up, Starbucks will relocate to a unit there that has a drive-thru window. The Halal Guys will be moving into the space currently occupied by Starbucks.

The pin on the Starbucks is the future location of The Halal Guys in Ashburn. The empty lot next to Potbelly is where the Starbucks will be moving when the new building is finished.

Right now, there are three Halal Guy locations in Northern Virginia, all in Fairfax County. Two more are preparing to open in D.C. And work is just getting started on a Reston location. The one in Ashburn will be the first in Loudoun, but the principles are already making plans for additional locations here.

halal guys

Believe it or not, Halal Guys got its start as a food cart in New York City in the early 1990s. While they still have their cart locations, today there are brick-and-mortar stores across the country in Florida, Illinois, Texas, Nevada, California and elsewhere. It has a large and loyal fan base and often attracts long lines at store openings. The word halal here refers to meat that is prepared according to Muslim law.

The owners hope to start renovating the Starbucks space late this year, and are aiming to open sometime in the first few months of 2018.

Images: The Halal Guys
  1. Jim A. 6 years ago

    I’m originally from NY and I go back there for visits now and then. One day, several years ago I was looking out my hotel window and saw a long line of people lined up at a food truck and I wanted to try it. My wife said “absolutely not” when I asked her about going with me, so off I went to jump in line with construction workers, executives, cops, restaurant workers, etc. I had no idea what to order so I waited and when I got to the front of the line I just said “same” and pointed to the guy in front of me. I paid $6 and got a huge tin of food and it was excellent! That was Halal Guys.
    Now the “Ashburn tax” will probably turn that $6 into $12, but if the food is as good as it was on the truck, I’ll stop in now and then!

  2. The Burn 6 years ago

    Great story, Jim.

  3. Daniel Golding 6 years ago

    The real question is, will the store in Ashburn be as good as the cart in midtown NYC?

    • Jim A. 6 years ago

      Daniel, we know one thing: It will be more expensive than the cart in NYC!

    • Farraoh 6 years ago

      Allahu Akbar!

  4. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Also from ny and can’t wait until this opens!

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