Well, it’s been a slow news week what with Spring Break for much of Ashburn. But we wanted to share some interested tidbits about changes coming soon to a McDonald’s near you.

The popular fast-food hamburger brand has been trying to compete with what’s known as the “better burger” brands — brands like Five Guys, Burger 21 and BurgerFi that purport to offer higher quality, fresher food that the fast-food giant. To better compete with these brands, McDonald’s has announced they will be introducing fresh beef patties (versus frozen) on their Quarter Pounders starting sometime this year.

We spoke with a supervisor at the Ashburn Village McDonald’s. He said he expected the new refrigerated cooler for the fresh patties to be installed sometime in the next few of months. It will sit next to the grill and burgers will be cooked when ordered rather than cooked in advance as has been the practice. While the Quarter Pounders will be the first ones to go fresh, the smaller hamburger patties should eventually follow suit.

Also on the horizon for McDonald’s — the brand is rolling out a new ordering app for your phone. You’ll place your order on the app and, if you would like, the food will be delivered to your car when you arrive at the restaurant. This new feature is supposed to be available nationwide by the end of the year.

The CEO of McDonald’s demonstrates a new touchscreen ordering kiosk.

Finally, look for self-ordering kiosks in McDonald’s as stores get facelifts and make-overs in the next few years. The kiosks will allow you to order and pay from a touchscreen rather than standing in line for a cashier. If you select dine-in, your food will be delivered to your table. McDonald’s intends to have the kiosks in all U.S. restaurants by the year 2020.

Images: McDonald’s