Construction crews have been hard at work on the new Barnes & Noble Bookstore being built at One Loudoun. This week saw a major milestone when the sign was officially installed on the facade of the building.

While that’s a definite “sign” of progress (pardon the pun), a question remains about the store’s opening date. Originally, they were talking Spring 2017. Then we later heard Summer 2017, possibly July. Now, we have heard a rumor the grand opening could be pushed back even further.

We reached out to Barnes & Noble’s corporate HQ and got a response that just said they would be in touch when they had more information to share. So now Ashburn has a new mystery on its hands — when will the Barnes & Noble at One Loudoun open? Area book lovers want to know.

You’ll remember — Ashburn’s new Barnes & Noble is going to be very unique. It’s one of only four B&Ns in the country (so far) that will feature a new design and layout and also feature a restaurant and bar. Check out our previous story here for more details.