Loudoun seafood lovers have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Captain Catoctin’s Crab House & Garden in downtown Leesburg. But it turns out, the restaurant has changed its name — for a tongue twister that’s even more fun to say.

The Maryland-style crab house coming to 14 Loudoun Street SE is now officially known as Captain Catoctin’s Crabs & Concoctions, putting an emphasis on the food and drinks rather than the location.

Captain Catoctin’s is the brainchild of Loudoun County residents Dave Miller and Nils Schnibbe. We reached out to them to ask about the name change. Apparently, Dave loves alliteration and rhymes (we do too), and they felt the name was more fun (we do too).

No official date for when the restaurant will open — they have hit a few delays. (Starting a restaurant is hard work with lots of unexpected hiccups.) But area crab lovers are keeping the faith and patiently waiting for Captain Catoctin’s to open its doors.