A variety of new restaurants, shops and other businesses will likely soon be coming to an already busy retail corner of Lansdowne. It’s all part of the new Towns of Lansdowne Square development, which has gone up adjacent to the Lansdowne Town Center. The new townhouses include a long row of retail spaces on the first floor.

While immediately next to shops in the Town Center, these new retail spaces are technically a separate development. They include a number of large spaces facing an open plaza, as well as smaller spaces along Diamond Lake Drive.

Images (top, bottom): Towns of Lansdowne Square

We’re starting to hear rumors about some potential businesses that might be coming into the new center, but nothing confirmed yet. Nevertheless, this dining and shopping area in Lansdowne, which just saw the opening of the French Hound Brasserie and the new Ford’s Fish Shack a couple of blocks away, is likely to get even more exciting soon.