Eager book lovers in the area have been closely watching the construction of the new Barnes & Noble bookstore at One Loudoun and wondering when the store will open. Today, The Burn can report they are on track to open sometime Fall 2017.

Originally, the store had been expected to open sometime this spring or summer. Recently, passers-by had been surprised to see that work had temporarily stopped at the site on Exchange Street in the center. When The Burn went by Thursday, the place was empty. The exterior looks finished, while the interior is unfinished.

We checked with officials at One Loudoun and they say that B&N has revised its plans for the store, which led to the temporary slow-down. Work is expected to resume the second week of July and the store should open this fall.

You’ll recall that this isn’t going to be your usual Barnes & Noble. It’s one of four new prototype stores the chain is opening that feature a full-fledged restaurant and bar inside as well as a dramatically different design.

barnes noble
Image: John Labbe for Barnes & Noble

The Burn wrote about the new store and shared images from one of the other prototypes back in December. (See story here.) While we don’t know for certain, it’s possible that lessons learned from the stores that are already open — what’s working, what’s not — has led to changes in the design of the One Loudoun store.