Many of you are probably familiar with the ALDI supermarket chain — either from the location in Sterling or elsewhere. However, knowing that many Ashburn residents have never shopped at an ALDI, we asked the corporate bigwigs to share with us some images of what the new ALDI in the Broadlands Village Center will look like.

Note the “stair step” style facade on the sample storefront above — we can likely expect the same facade in the Broadlands. (The former Safeway’s brick front with the gabled entryway was recently demolished by construction crews.)

Also note the small black devices on the handles of the carts. These are apparently the “locks.” Traditionally, ALDI shoppers have had to deposit a quarter to release a cart and they get the quarter back when they return the cart to the cart rack. Also, check out the photo of the bagging area. At ALDI, you bag your own groceries, but not while standing in the check-out lane. Rather, you move to the bagging area so as not to delay shoppers behind you in line.

While Ashburn shoppers may find lots of ALDI brand products and fewer “frills” at the store, the idea is that keeping things simple helps the brand offer lower prices. ALDI’s corporate HQ says the new Broadlands store is on track to open “in the fall.” (Enjoy the rest of the images below.)

Images: ALDI