The connection will provide easier access for Ashburn residents heading to points south.

Residents in southern Ashburn have been eagerly watching the ginormous construction site that is Route 606. They’ve also been eagerly awaiting news about when Loudoun County Parkway will finally connect through to 606 and Route 50.

The Burn made some calls and did some research. Here are your answers.

  • Route 606 (Old Ox Road) is currently being widened from two lanes to four lanes from the Greenway south to Evergreen Mills Road.
  • Meanwhile, work is underway to finish the last remaining portion of Loudoun County Parkway, which will create a major link between Route 7 to the north and Route 50 to the south.
  • Claiborne Parkway in Ashburn is also being extended to connect through to Loudoun County Parkway, creating yet another route south for Ashburn residents.
  • According to Virginia Department of Transportation officials, that final missing stretch of Loudoun County Parkway should open to traffic this September. Target date: on or about September 7.
  • Caveat: It will only be two lanes for several months. Widening to four is anticipated by the end of 2017.
  • There will be an intersection with traffic lights where Loudoun County Parkway and Route 606 meet.
  • However, traffic going north on 606 will have a ramp that bypasses the stoplights.
  • The entire project — including all lanes, medians, sidewalks, traffic lights and signage — should be completed by Summer 2018.
Image: Brambleton Community Association

One more note of interest to Ashburn residents — and Brambleton residents in particular: while not definitive, many leaders in the area feel that lack of “connectivity” to Brambleton and through Brambleton is one of the main reasons that many major businesses have not set up shop there. Think fast food, gas stations, etc. National brands don’t like to open business at the “end of the line.” They want lots of traffic going by in both directions. The completion of Loudoun County Parkway could be the start of that connectivity and *could* (no promises) spur more services and retail moving into the area.