We don’t do too much with non-food retail, but we were puzzled by the new mammoth Fortessa and Sterling Restaurant Supply showrooms that just opened at One Loudoun. What’s the difference between the two brands? Are they just for restaurants or can regular Joes shop there too?

So we stopped in today to get some answers. If we’ve got our facts straight — here’s what you need to know.

  • Fortessa and Sterling Restaurant Supply are both part of the same company.
  • They recently moved to their brand new building at One Loudoun after years at a location in Sterling.
  • Fortessa works primarily with high end restaurants — four and five stars. The Fortessa showroom is not open to the general public and is by appointment only.
  • Sterling Restaurant Supply — despite the name — is open to both restaurant operators and regular customers.
  • The store features all types of plates, sauces, cups, glasses, platters, pitchers, kitchen utensils and more. You can buy individual pieces or buy in bulk.

You’ll find the entrance to the Sterling Restaurant Supply showroom behind the new Starbucks at One Loudoun.