On Sunday, news broke that the Not Your Average Joe’s location in Lansdowne was going to close at the end of November. This elicited a huge response from readers — many expressing dismay that they wouldn’t have Joe’s great bread and dipping oil appetizer nearby. However, many others were puzzled by the decision to close a restaurant that appears to be frequently busy and doing well.

In comments left on social media, some speculated that rising rents, future development at the Lansdowne Town Center or conflicts with the landlord (Saul Centers) were behind the decision. But this was all just speculation. In an unusual move, The Burn received a statement from Steve Silverstein, the CEO and founder of the Massachusetts-based restaurant chain.

“Not Your Average Joe’s has made a decision to close its doors at Lansdowne Town Center. The decision was not an easy one, but it had nothing to do with rent or the relationship with our landlord, Saul Centers. We have a wonderful relationship with Saul Centers, including our operation in Kentlands and we regret that we have to part ways. We want to thank you for past patronage and wish the circumstances were different. Thank you, Steve Silverstein.”

Kentlands refers to a Saul Centers shopping center in Gaithersburg, Md. where there is a Not Your Average Joe’s location.

The specific details of why Joe’s is closing the Lansdowne location is private company business. However, in their original announcement, the company mentioned the closing being part of the natural business cycle. And there is some truth to this — restaurants ebb and flow, new competition comes in, dynamics change. It’s very fluid and restaurant chains usually have formulas they follow to gauge the success of a location. In this case, perhaps the math just didn’t work any longer.

Images: Not Your Average Joe’s