The new Mexican restaurant is across from the Starplex movie theater.

Residents in South Ashburn have been waiting for more than a year for the new Señor Tequila’s Mexican Grill & Bar to open in the Loudoun Station center off Shellhorn Road. It’s been under construction across from the Starplex movie theater for many, many months now.

While we still don’t have an official opening date, we can tell you they are close. The Burn walked through the restaurant today and it’s nearly finished. The sign out front is supposed to go up this week. The final decorations are being installed and believe us, there are A LOT of decorations. It’s a feast for the eyes with riotous colors and all types of images, sculptures, fixtures, etc.

Señor Tequila’s already has a location in Germantown, Maryland and another one at the Cascades Marketplace in Sterling. The Ashburn location will be its third. Hiring is underway and the expectation is that they will open in the next few weeks. Check out their menu here and more photos of the eye-popping new restaurant below.

  1. Jim A. 6 years ago

    This place has been taking forever to build. I ate at the one in Sterling a few months ago, didn’t realize it was the same as this. It was okay, I’ll give it a shot when they open.

  2. Rod Webb 6 years ago

    Looks like they’ve put a lot of time and money into this place. Nothing really exciting about their menu. Wonder how long they’ll last in the tough Ashburn restaurant scene.

  3. Anonymous 6 years ago

    The length of time they have taken to open this place I think will greatly affect its success.

  4. Donkey_Spice 6 years ago

    The one in Sterling wasn’t particularly good. Not sure how opening one in Ashburn will change any of that.

  5. Robert 6 years ago

    The high rent will do them in. Thinking the metro will help attract customers to this location, lacks common sense. And it’s too far away from actual homes/families that might give it a try. Low rent apartments close and current tenants living there were attracted by cheap rent, but once metro comes out to that center, Rent could go up to $3k/month on a 1 bedroom to $6k/month for 3 bedroom. Doubt they’ll ever get anyone at those rates….

  6. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Any update on opening?

  7. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Si la comida va a ser como la de Cascades mejor que ni lo abran…

  8. Scott Gammans 6 years ago

    Robert, where are you getting these rental predictions from? I live in BLVD Loudoun Station, and rents here are under $1700/mo for a one bedroom. BLVD Reston (which is owned and managed by the same company that runs BLVD Loudoun Station) sits on top of the Wiehle Metro stop, which is open *right now*. 1 BR apartments there can be had for less than $2000/mo, and they are high-rise units in a much more convenient location than what’s here at Loudoun Station.

    Will rents go up here once the final Silver Line station opens? Probably, if for no other reason than inflation between now and then. But the numbers that you are speculating about would be a 75% increase, and $1000 per month more than what Reston is charging RIGHT NOW for high-rise apartments in a better location on top of an open Metro station. Not going to happen. (And if Comstock was dumb enough to try raising the rents that much, they would see a flood of current tenants moving out when their leases are up. Including me!)

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