The upscale restaurant and bar brand has two locations in DC and is growing quickly.

One of the burning questions on the local restaurant scene is what new tenant would take over the prime spot at One Loudoun vacated by Hail & Hog. Tonight, it appears we have an answer. It looks like the popular chain City Tap Kitchen & Craft is coming to the space.

City Tap — also called the City Tap House — has six locations open. Two are in Philly, two are in DC and one each in Boston and Nashville. Two more locations are in the works for Atlanta and Chicago.

City Tap is just what it sounds like — an upscale gastropub featuring scores of beers on tap and in bottles and cans, as well as a foodie-centric menu. The menu features fan favorites such as mussels, wood-fired pizzas, shrimp & grits and a USDA prime tap burger.

There’s also some interesting treats like steak tartare, smoked trout spread and elote street corn dip. Check out the menu of the Penn Quarter location here.

The former Hail & Hog space sits at the center of One Loudoun. The two-story building overlooks the grand plaza and the vacancy there has been a thorn in One Loudoun’s side. If the City Tap House deal is solid, this could be a major arrival on the Loudoun dining scene.

Images: City Tap Kitchen & Craft
  1. Anonymous 4 years ago

    While I’d love it, seems odd with World of Beer already close by.

  2. SkippityHoppity 4 years ago

    I wonder how long that development can maintain so many restaurants…

  3. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Hopefully this will cause WOB to close. There service is terrible.

    • AJ 4 years ago

      Probably because you’re a terrible customer, like majority of One Loudoun. You’re scum for wishing a business to go under and people losing their jobs. You don’t realize how hard it is to hire quality, hard working people in this area since 99% of them grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth.

      • Anonymous 4 years ago

        Ooh, burn.

      • Anonymous 4 years ago

        I bet you like World Of Beer.

  4. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Hail and Hog served beer too. Anyways, may turn out to be a nice addition.

  5. Lori Garrison 4 years ago

    So excited – their food in DC is fabulous. It’s a favorite when visitors come to town

  6. Me 4 years ago

    Nice to have a cool establishment fill the space but between WOB, B One Loudoun, Matchbox, Copperwood and Bar Louie all serving American and or Modern American cuisine with emphasis on bar scene. We need something different !

  7. N.A. 3 years ago

    Hopefully they will serve cold beer, WOB isn’t cold at all.

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