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Pholicious is a great new spot to chase away the winter chill with a bowl of hot Vietnamese soup.

pho, pholicious

On a cool November day, we were hankering for a hot bowl of soup. So it seemed the perfect time to try out Pholicious, a new Vietnamese pho restaurant that’s been in the Broadlands Village Shopping Center for a few months now.

Pho is a type of soup made with delicate rice noodles and usually featuring meats or veggies. We ordered a regular size bowl of the Pho Beef. (It came in a jumbo tub and if this was the regular, we can’t imagine how big the large would be.) It was a delicious clear peppery broth, filled with thin strips of beef, long rice noodles and plenty of onions and scallions. We also tried the pork Báhn mì sandwich — a traditional Vietnamese sandwich of seasoned roast pork on a baguette of French bread, topped with cucumber, carrots, cilantro, mayonnaise and even a hint of jalapeño, which give it a spicy kick.

pholicious, bahn mi

Other pho on the menu include such treats as Meatball Pho, Chicken Pho, Seafood Pho and Veggie Pho. They have a chicken báhn mì sandwich, spring rolls and egg rolls, a selection of fruit smoothies and boba teas and more.

Pholicious is part of a nationwide chain of pho restaurants — it’s sort of the Subway of pho — with dozens of locations in at least 16 states. We’re going to add the Ashburn one to our regular list of lunch spots — especially on cold winter days.

pho, pholicious

  1. Frank 8 years ago

    Was there a few weeks ago. The Pho was probably the worst I ever tasted. The chicken in the Pho Ga looks and tasted like the freeze dried pre cut chicken strips you find in the freezer section on the local grocery store. In fact, they don’t even call it Pho Ga. The concept of the restaurant is a dumbed down fast food style where there are a few different phos, and a few different pork dishes. The food is served in paper containers. Honestly, this restaurant is many levels beneath the one it replaced. Very disappointed.

    • The Burn 8 years ago

      Well, we did say it was sort of like the Subway of pho. 🙂 That being said – we liked ours. It hit the spot on a cold day. Where is your phavorite pho restaurant in the Ashburn area, Frank?

      • Frank 8 years ago

        “Subway” of Pho is an insult to Subway! 🙂 There are plenty of good places for Pho in Herndon. If you know of any more traditional Vietnamese/ Pho restaurants nearby, I’d leave to try them. Great job with the website… keep up the good work!

      • Hugo 7 years ago

        Nothing beats the Pho 75 in Sterling. Well worth the short drive.

  2. Chantal 8 years ago

    Saigon cafe in Sterling!!! Best fried spring rolls ever!!!

  3. Ashburner 8 years ago

    I got Banh Mi there. It was pretty good. You can get better Banh Mi if you drive an hour in to the Eden Center, but for Ashburn this is the place to go and the price is great.

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