This Thursday, the final piece of Pacific Boulevard will formally open, linking with Russell Branch Parkway and creating a new way for drivers to get in and out of Ashburn.

This Thursday, the final piece of Pacific Boulevard will formally open, linking with Russell Branch Parkway and creating a new way for Ashburn drivers to avoid traffic on Route 7 and State Road 28. The stretch includes a new bridge over Broad Run Creek.

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To put it in perspective, drivers will now have a “straight” shot from Claiborne Parkway in northwest Ashburn to the Cracker Barrel restaurant way down on Old Ox Road. This also opens yet another door in and out of Ashburn during rush hours.

Imagine this journey with us — you set out on Russell Branch from the Belmont Country Club/Whole Foods/Claiborne Parkway junction. You parallel Route 7 going past Ashbrook Commons, past One Loudoun, past Top Golf. The road than becomes Pacific Boulevard as you turn south, paralleling 28, past the future Kincora development, past the fire station, cross Gloucester, south past the car dealerships, past Wegmans, past AOL and Raytheon, through the industrial area and pop out on Old Ox right by the Cracker Barrel.

pacific boulevard extension

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The formal ribbon cutting on the Pacific Boulevard Extension is scheduled for 2 p.m. Still waiting on word as to exactly what time the road will open to traffic. Hopefully in time for the evening commute into Ashburn.

Pacific blvd

Images: Kincora

  1. LocoLiving 7 years ago

    Why no mention of the fact they destroyed a families property with placement of this road. This family lost land use and way of life so folks could have an easier path to Cracker Barrel? Way to go VDOT.

  2. TechMogul 7 years ago

    You’re a f—–g moron LocoLiving. They clearly got paid for their land and it has nothing to do with Cracker Barrel and everything to do with the awful traffic at rush hour. Sorry if you work the midnight shift at Target or are unemployed and have zero concept of gridlock or the number of accidents on Waxpool but this is a good thing.

  3. 20166 7 years ago

    In the picture in the article it looks like the home is still there. That house is an eyesore anyway.

  4. Kat 7 years ago

    TechMogul – well maybe the grid lock is because too many of your Tech Types moved into our county and ruined the beautiful landscapes and gridlocked traffic.

    • Burn-Resident 7 years ago

      Kat…the Tech Types as you call them are the reason this county is the wealthiest in the nation. Great schools, convenient amenities, and your land/home value continuing to go up…all of that because of “Tech Types”

  5. Legacy family 7 years ago

    Oh boo-hoo. One family/house was inconvenienced for the good of thousands upon thousands, which I’m sure, as was stated above, they were paid handsomely for. There are more people here, more roads are needed. Glad this was done. If you are unhappy with the extra roads being built to support it, please leave the area permanently and lessen some of the traffic.

  6. We laugh at tech types 7 years ago

    Very typical of the “tech types”…they believe they are educated, but are dumb as sh*t. This family was not paid for their land as it was taken from them by eminent domain as it’s been in the news if you ever decided to open your eyes and understand what’s going on around you. Thankfully we moved from 20165 to 20197. We are finally around people that can hold a conversation.

  7. Resident since 92 7 years ago

    Ahhh, yes, beautiful Ashburn. NOT! They have destroyed it by putting up too many developments, tearing down trees and let’s not forget the data centers. ( talk about eye sores) . And being the data capital of the World makes us a target for terrorist. Stop developing, stop the madness. My children were lucky to grow up in the old Ashburn. Screw progress. It is destroying us.

  8. Loco Swindle Exposer 6 years ago

    They most certainly did not get Fair Market Value for their land. They were forced thru condemnation by the county to sell their land, and lost their Supreme Court challenge, (because government ALWAYS wins eminent domain lawsuits). This land was then sold to the developers with the county paying for road improvements, so that the developers could charge 3-4 times more for the property. The Kincora developers have been in the back pockets of the County Supervisors since thus started. Do your research TechMogul! ?You are the moron!

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