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Diners have dozens of options as they design their own perfect pizza pie.

firenza pizza

The ever-growing Loudoun Station complex on Ashburn’s Shellhorn Road has a bunch of great restaurants tucked away, including a build-your-own pizza place called Firenza Pizza.

Customization is the name of the game at Firenza. Like a Subway, a Chipotle, or the similar concept at MOD Pizza in the Belmont Chase center, Firenza invites you to walk along a counter, choosing your ingredients as the pizza maker prepares your pizza for you. First you choose your dough, then your sauce, your cheese and your toppings.

Image: Firenza

Firenza has a wide variety of menu choices, including unique items like roasted garlic sauce, gorgonzola cheese, salami and asparagus. The pizza cooks in a fired oven in a matter of minutes and then you can top your pie with some interesting options such as a buttermilk ranch drizzle, a pesto oil, even avocado slices if you opt for the “Cali Style.” They also offer salads and even oven-baked wings.

firenza pizza cali style
Image: Firenza

The Burn has tried Firenza several times. On our most recent excursion, we opted for the traditional crust with pesto sauce, shredded mozzarella and then little balls of fresh mozzarella. (Hey, we like our cheese.) It was delicious. We’ve also tried a bacon and banana pepper pizza that hit the spot.

Firenza is a NoVa based chain with national ambitions. Besides the new Ashburn location, there’s one in Fairfax, one in Alexandria and one in Los Gatos, California. They also have locations opening soon in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

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  1. Jim A. 6 years ago

    My family and I tried this last week. They have a lot of work to do and judging by the fact that nobody was in there at 6:30 pm, the word may have gotten out that it is not very good.
    The pizza we had was awful, the sauce tasted like it has been refrigerated, then not, then back in the refrigerator multiple times. Their sandwiches are really just appetizers, tiny sandwiches that are basically the size of a breadstick.

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