The dangerous intersection at Croson Lane and Belmont Ridge Road in south Ashburn got a whole lot safer as the newly installed traffic signals came online Tuesday.

The Burn drove through the intersection several times over the past two days, and traffic is flowing relatively smoothly, especially on Croson, which backed up terribly during rush hours. However, traffic does back up quite a bit in both directions on Belmont Ridge when the lights are red. This is likely due to their being just a single lane in both directions. It’s especially rough when the school day ends at nearby Briar Woods High and the kids pour out heading north on Belmont. Our advice: avoid the area from around 3:50 pm to 4:10 pm on weekdays.

belmont ridge road

Prior to the lights, the intersection had been the scene of many accidents and was a cause for concern, especially for parents of Briar Woods students traveling to the nearby school.

Plans call for Belmont Ridge to be widened to four lanes with turn lanes from Truro Parish Drive south to Croson Lane. Today, it appeared this work was possibly starting as Belmont was reduced to one lane of alternating traffic while work crews moved equipment around.