The location seems ideal for the thousands of commuters, but this busy intersection is just going to get busier if indeed a drive-thru Starbucks opens on the site.


Construction crews are hard at work on a parcel of land on Loudoun County Parkway, just south of the 267 Greenway. And lots of people have been wondering what’s going up there. Now, The Burn has a pretty clear answer: according to sources, a new Starbucks and a childcare center.

flagstaff plaza

The location is immediately next to the Hilton Garden Inn and the Exxon station and just across the street from the Inova Ashburn Healthplex facility. We spoke to a representative from RF Jennings, which is overseeing construction on the project, and he declined to say what businesses were slated for the spot. But workers onsite said it’s a Starbucks and a childcare center. Employees at adjacent businesses also said they were told a Starbucks was coming.

Image: Google Maps

Just to be sure, we double checked with Loudoun County zoning and, indeed, the two buildings going up are marked as restaurant/retail and childcare. There was a rumor that the second building was going to be a restaurant and not childcare, but that appears to be unfounded as of now.

Workers said the buildings should be done roughly around late summer, so don’t get excited about your Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte with Soy Milk until at least this fall or later. And if we find out it’s something other than a SBUX, we’ll let you know

  1. Jim 7 years ago

    Why would they put a childcare center next to 2 hotels and a gas station?

  2. The Burn 7 years ago

    I thought the same thing, Jim. I can only guess maybe it’s related to the convenience of being right on the main commuter route. Drop kids off on the way to work, pick them on the way home???

  3. Ry 7 years ago

    Why would they build either on the wrong side of the road? Most people are going north on LoCo.

  4. Jim 7 years ago

    I like Starbucks, but how many does Ashburn really need?

  5. Veronica 7 years ago

    Any updates on the daycare here?

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