The Harris Teeter supermarket at the Broadlands Marketplace is going to get a major make-over, with a bunch of new options for shoppers.

harris teeter

The Burn has learned that the Harris Teeter supermarket at the Broadlands Marketplace plaza is soon going to get a major make-over. In the company’s parlance, they’re turning it into a “flagship” store.

harris teeterAccording to store managers, shoppers can look for the addition of a Starbucks coffee shop, a gourmet pizza bar, a large salad bar, a section with meals-to-go made by an in-house chef, and even an expanded fresh cut fruit area. There will also be a new seating section that includes a bar where commuters can wait with their coffees and snacks until their bus arrives.

harris teeter If you’re familiar with the Harris Teeter in Brambleton, the Broadlands store will be similar in style to that with the coffee shop and the large salad and hot bars. Target date for the make-over at the Broadlands location is March or April.

harris teeter

  1. Paul 7 years ago

    I like the changes except for the Starbucks. We should support small businesses like Blend. Plus, their coffee is better.

    • Steve 7 years ago

      Is Blend that good? I live right around the corner and haven’t found a reason to visit yet.

  2. Steve 7 years ago

    Meh…. I’m trying really hard to get excited about this but just can’t. I’m one of those commuters, and I can promise you that people will not wait inside a grocery store for their bus to arrive. If I want to eat at a grocery store, I’ll just go to Wegmans……

  3. Kim 7 years ago

    Blend is local yes, but not good with their coffee. Very happy to have a local close starbucks again!

  4. Paul 7 years ago

    Opinions vary. Personally, I like them.

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