A true story from Ashburn to brighten your day.

(So we’re trying something new.)

This morning, Steve Ahlberg, a resident of Ashburn, was sitting at the Blend Coffee Bar doing some work. He noticed an older woman searching fruitlessly for a seat in the crowded cafe. So Steve got up and offered his chair to the woman. He moved his computer and took at seat on a stool at the bar. A short time later, an employee approached Steve with a gift card. He read the envelope, turned and looked at the woman. She gave him a small nod and a friendly smile. #Ashburn

(If you have a positive story and photo to share about someone offering a kindness or doing a good deed in Ashburn, send it to us at )

  1. Alex 7 years ago

    Love reading these:)

  2. Cathryn Schad 7 years ago

    So Steve emailed you to get some attention and praise? Nice. Like the dad on fb who posted how great he is to buy his ex’s groceries? Smh.

    • The Burn 7 years ago

      Um, no. We saw a nice post on social media about it and reached out to him and asked if we could share it.

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