The new fried pastry shop will share a space with B Doughnut in downtown Leesburg.

Churrology, the new churros dessert shop coming to downtown Leesburg, reportedly plans to open by the end of August. That’s good news for fans of the sweet treat who have already started counting the days.

Churrology will be setting up shop in the same space as the uber-popular B Doughnut at 7 Loudoun St. SW. Since the donut shop closes by noon each day, Churrology will take over and offer their treats all afternoon.

Churros are a fried dough pastry popular in Europe and Latin America. They’re often found at fairs and soon they’ll be available daily in Leesburg. Churros are often sprinkled with cinnamon, but Churrology plans to up the ante with toppings such as chocolate, white chocolate, Oreos, caramel and more.

Images: Churrology/B Doughnut