A missed connection on Ashburn’s W&OD Trail has people daydreaming about romance.

Ashburn resident Jessica Waldman Balick was out enjoying the W&OD Trail Sunday morning when she spotted an unusual wooden sign attached to a post near Smith Switch Road and the Old Ox Brewery. It read: “Copperhead Girl. I thought you were super cool! I should’ve asked you for your number, and I hope we cross paths again!” It was signed “Copperhead Guy.”

It reminds us of those Missed Connection ads people place on Craigslist when they are trying to locate someone. Sort of a modern day “Sleepless in Seattle” or “Desperately Seeking Susan.” Balick posted the photo on her Facebook feed where it’s been shared more than 50 times. She wrote, “Being the hopeless romantic that I am, perhaps we can spread the word to help out this dude?”  Well, never let it be said The Burn stands in the way of a potential love connection, so we are posting it too — in hopes the Copperhead Girl sees it and our own local rom-com takes flight.

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