The new restaurant in downtown Leesburg offers plenty of seafood, but you should call ahead for the hard shell crabs.

Leesburg’s hot new Maryland-style crab house officially opened on Independence Day and today, they have shared their long-awaited menu. The line up at Captain Catoctin’s Crabs & Concoctions is a seafood lover’s dream, plus some items for landlubbers as well.

Crab balls, chicken wings, peel-and-eat shrimp, snow crab, crab cakes, burgers and more — it’s a relatively short menu but seems to have everyone’s favorites.

When it comes to the house specialty — hard shell Maryland crabs, customers actually need to call and make a reservation for a crab table. Quantities are limited and demand is high. Employees recommend calling at least a couple of days ahead. Everything else on the menu is available anytime without a reservation.

Check out these snapshots of the menu.

Images: Captain Catoctin’s

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