The new supermarket under construction in the Broadlands offers a different kind of shopping experience.

Many of you are probably familiar with the ALDI supermarket chain — either from the location in Sterling or elsewhere. However, knowing that many Ashburn residents have never shopped at an ALDI, we asked the corporate bigwigs to share with us some images of what the new ALDI in the Broadlands Village Center will look like.

Note the “stair step” style facade on the sample storefront above — we can likely expect the same facade in the Broadlands. (The former Safeway’s brick front with the gabled entryway was recently demolished by construction crews.)

Also note the small black devices on the handles of the carts. These are apparently the “locks.” Traditionally, ALDI shoppers have had to deposit a quarter to release a cart and they get the quarter back when they return the cart to the cart rack. Also, check out the photo of the bagging area. At ALDI, you bag your own groceries, but not while standing in the check-out lane. Rather, you move to the bagging area so as not to delay shoppers behind you in line.

While Ashburn shoppers may find lots of ALDI brand products and fewer “frills” at the store, the idea is that keeping things simple helps the brand offer lower prices. ALDI’s corporate HQ says the new Broadlands store is on track to open “in the fall.” (Enjoy the rest of the images below.)

Images: ALDI

  1. Charlie 5 years ago

    Rent shopping carts, bag groceries in designated area, primarily Aldi brands … *sigh* So many more reasons to miss Fresh Market.

  2. apohopper 5 years ago

    I love Aldi’s. Have been shopping there for years. I’m happy to bag my own groceries in reusable bags and stand in quick checkout lines to save a mountain of money. And the .25 borrowed carts is genius…no carts putting dents in your car in the parking lot or carts taking up a parking space.

  3. 5 years ago

    I love shopping at Aldi. My monthly grocery bill is $275.00. We are a family of 5. My kids can’t tell the difference if it’s a name brand or a store brand the food is delicious.

    • Fred 5 years ago

      A family of five @$275 a month? How many are you breastfeeding?

      • Alicia 5 years ago

        Don’t be a jerk.

  4. Bill 5 years ago

    Went to the Aldi in Chantilly today to check it out. There were no hand baskets for those of us who dont need a cart. Also there was only one checkout lane open and the line was all the way to the back of the store (really). We aborted and hope Broadlands will be different

    • Bill 5 years ago

      What’s the difference, Safeway only had one checkout lane open

  5. stacie 5 years ago

    Having been to several Aldi stores throughout the years, they are typically located in lower income areas, anyone know why Ashburn/Broadlands was selected? I mean Fresh Market/Whole Foods/Wegman’s/even Trader Joe’s do not compare to Aldi at all. Aldi is more in line with a Food Lion or Food 4 Less type of place. Charlie, I sigh with you!

  6. Lulu 5 years ago

    Maybe people in Ashburn/Broadlsnds don’t have money to blow on upscale stores…imagine that!

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