The eagerly awaited coffeeshop includes a drive-thru to serve commuters in a hurry.


Thousands of commuters up and down Loudoun County Parkway have watched the construction underway on a parcel of land just south of the Greenway. The development is officially called the Dulles Parkway Center. First, a Kiddie Academy children’s center opened there, and now the long-awaited drive-thru Starbucks has opened.

The new coffeeshop officially opened its doors today. Fans of the brand were already finding their way there. When The Burn stopped by, there was a car in the drive-thru and a handful of customers inside. The new location is sure to be popular with Brambleton and South Ashburn commuters looking for a java hit on their way to work.

Meanwhile, the space next door to the Starbucks remains available for lease. The Burn spoke with property reps who say rumors of a “sandwich shop” going in there are just that — rumors. And that no deals have been struck yet.

(Thanks to reader Bill Lewandowski for the news tip.)

  1. jimmie 6 years ago

    I was charged 10% sales tax on my drink here. Hard to believe this was an accident. This may not seem like a lot, but the additional 4% sales tax adds up.

  2. Ift 6 years ago

    When is the Ashburn Aldi going to open?

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