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If you’ve got a spare $500,000 sitting around, you can bid on the former restaurant at One Loudoun.

Hail & Hog

Hail & Hog, the former Redskins-themed restaurant at One Loudoun, is hitting the auction block. The restaurant closed back in August after months of financial struggles and rumors of an impending closure. It filed for bankruptcy and now the restaurant, its lease and its equipment are up for sale.

According to the broker overseeing the sale, the 12,000 s.f. space is considered “turn key” — meaning its got everything a restaurant operator would need. A new restaurant could move in and, with a few cosmetic changes and a new menu, start operations almost immediately. The original construction reportedly cost more than $5 million and now the approved opening bid is just $500,000. The deal includes the remaining 17 years on the Hail & Hog lease. You can check out the full listing here.

The fate of the Hail & Hog space is of keen interest to Ashburn residents and surrounding neighbors. One Loudoun is probably the most prominent dining and entertainment complex in the area and its hard to think of a more prominent location inside the center than the Hail & Hog space. Whatever new restaurant (more likely) or retailer (less likely) that goes in there, they will immediately have the attention of the community.

  1. Barbara Dixon 5 years ago

    Wonder whats up with other Restaurants that are locally on the Brink
    The Burn seems to hit the ball out of the park – just curious

  2. lisak87 5 years ago

    Restaurant competition is ridiculous in Ashburn now…. wow.

    • Melia 5 years ago

      Agree….Beyond competition and now into over saturation.

  3. Free 5 years ago

    Please no Muslim or Indian restaurant

  4. JL 5 years ago

    If only Great American Restaurants were willing to open a location in Loudoun County…

    • JL 5 years ago

      Sterling doesn’t count*

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