Snakes are often more active in the fall as temperatures dip.

The Burn spends a lot of time on the W&OD Trail, which runs right through the heart of Ashburn. So imagine our joy when the trail’s Facebook page posted this photo of what they say is a venomous copperhead snake. It was spotted along the trail near the Luck Stone overlook, west of Belmont Ridge Road.

We’ve seen deer, turtles, foxes, groundhogs and even giant caterpillars on the trail, but thankfully we have yet to see a ginormous snake. According to snake experts, snake activity often picks up in the fall as temperatures dip and snakes are more active preparing for winter hibernation. They may also enjoy sunny surfaces like the paved W&OD Trail as they seek to warm themselves up.

The Burn thinks the treadmill at the gym is sounding better and better.

Image: W&OD Trail Facebook page
  1. Bonnie Selker 7 years ago

    My reaction is torn between LOL! and EEEEEWWWW!!!!!

  2. Cris Carlin 7 years ago

    This will NOT get you out of running the Army 10 miler

    • The Burn 7 years ago


  3. Sherry 7 years ago

    Our kids in MOP’s group found a baby one up on the play equipment at Trailside Park last week!! The park system really needs to look into this!

  4. Sam 7 years ago

    Seriously? This is news? In other news, fish spotted in local streams. ????

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