The belief — so far unconfirmed — is that the popular grocery brand is coming to One Loudoun.

The buzz seems to be reaching a fever pitch when it comes to Trader Joe’s plans in Loudoun County. We’ve been hearing rumors for weeks and there was a new flurry of tips that came in over the weekend.

Here is what we can tell you at this point:

  • The belief is strong that Trader Joe’s is coming to the former Fresh Market space at One Loudoun.
  • The Burn has heard this from at least half a dozen people — including people who would be in a position to know. Third-hand, we are hearing that new tenants at One Loudoun are being told Trader Joe’s is a done deal.
  • Nevertheless, there are really only two official sources — Trader Joe’s corporate headquarters and the management at One Loudoun. The Burn has communicated with both of them regularly and so, far, they are staying mostly mum.

This morning, a rep for One Loudoun told us: “I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors.” Read between the lines — he can’t “confirm” the rumors, but he also can’t “deny” them. That’s important.

As The Burn has reported in the past, we know definitively that Trader Joe’s has been exploring Loudoun County. The path can only lead in two directions. Either the company will find a suitable spot and open a store here, or they won’t. The Fresh Market space certainly seems ideal — right size (more or less), busy intersection, easy access, popular shopping/dining center.

This may yet amount to nothing, but we are guessing where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And there is a lot of smoke.

(Image at top: Trader Joe’s)

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