A new name and a new menu are in the works.

Fans of Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar in Ashburn — brace yourselves. The restaurant in the Goose Creek Village shopping center along Belmont Ridge Road is getting ready to undergo some significant changes — including the name and the menu.

The Burn spoke with owner Shaq Qureshi who shared some of his plans with us. Business hasn’t been as strong as he had hoped, so he and the Boston’s brand will be parting company. Instead, Quershi plans to turn the restaurant into a more family friendly spot with a revamped menu that will be tighter (the current one is multiple pages long) and feature steaks.

The bar will stay in its current spot, but the whole restaurant will receive a redesign and make-over. There will also be a new name — the current favorite is Belmont’s Bar & Grill, but that’s not set in stone.

The Ashburn Boston’s has been open for more than two years now. It’s part of a Canadian chain with some 300+ locations around Canada, where it’s known as Boston’s Pizza. There are 20+ locations in the United States, soon to be one less. The changes at our Boston’s are expected to take place sometime in March or April.

  1. Tom 4 years ago

    As long as they keep Said working. He makes the place rise above other places in Ashburn.

  2. Tom 4 years ago

    Saif I mean. Stupid autocorrect

  3. Al 4 years ago

    The food and service needs the makeover, not the menu or the atmosphere. We need a good sports bar in Ashburn.

  4. USMC_Mike 4 years ago

    I’ve been there twice. I think it was just OK. Too much competition around now pushing restaurants out of business. This is our new norm, and will get worse with restaurants closing after just a couple years, new ones replacing them, cycle repeats.

    Restaurants in Belmont Chase, One Loudoun, multiple (about 4-5) areas on Ashburn Village Blvd, Landsdowne, Broadlands, and others are all fairly close by with decent food choices…all within a 10 minute or so drive.

    These little areas will need to hit it out of the park with great food, great atmosphere, dedicated customers, and great prices to compete with the larger areas that offer more choices.

    Good luck to whatever this place is going to be.

  5. Steve 4 years ago

    Just a heads up. It’s Shaq Qureshi. Not Quershi.

  6. Melissa 4 years ago

    Food was GROSS. Went there 2xs and couldn’t do it again. Please bring a decent menu. I would love having somewhere other than Parallel and Clydes to go to. The same old BS of pasta, pizza, and boring salads are not what people want to eat.

  7. Crusader 4 years ago

    I walked out when I heard one of their servers in the kitchen talking about hamas

  8. Bud 4 years ago

    Perhaps a unique local place will be successful in an area populated entirely by chain restaurants. Loudoun is a place where ‘fine dining’ is defined as not having a drive-thru….

  9. Chris G. 4 years ago

    Food and service was bad and I never went back. Like we need another Sports Bar in Ashburn. I think its becomeing more obvious that we are looking for more upscale and original places. This is a booming area but half of the places suck when it come to service and food quality.

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