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The sign went up this week and the gas pumps are in place.

By now, loyal readers know we like when new signs are installed at new businesses. For us, it’s a clear “sign” that things are starting to heat up. (Pardon the pun.) Well, today, we noticed that the sign is now up at the new Royal Farms convenience store at Claiborne Parkway and Broadlands Boulevard in the Broadlands.

Besides the new sign, the gas pumps were recently installed as well. For those not familiar, Royal Farms is a well-known Maryland c-store chain that competes in the “uber convenience store” category with the likes of Wawa and Sheetz. The company is making a heavy push into Virginia and this will be the first Loudoun County location.

Another reason The Burn is excited — Royal Farms has a full-fledged fast-food restaurant inside the store and its specialty is fried chicken. Yes, some people sneer at the thought of getting fried chicken from a “gas station” but we’ve tried it and it’s darn good.

Image: Royal Farms

We don’t have any new news on an official opening date yet, but as we’ve reported previously, the company hoped to open the Ashburn location by late January or early February.

  1. Jim A. 6 years ago

    I’ve been hearing about the chicken at Royal Farms for years from my Maryland friends. They love it and I’m looking forward to trying it.

  2. Lisa Kenahan 6 years ago

    The chicken is EXCELLENT!

  3. Sue Benning 6 years ago

    There is always a line in the Royal Farm Stores at Bethany Beach, Delaware. Honestly, their Chicken is THE BEST! ( I am from Mississippi, and KNOW my Chicken! )

  4. Jim 6 years ago

    Sorry…I just have something about buying food from a gas station! I can’t do 7-11 hot dogs or WaWa’s sandwiches either. Unless their gas prices match Costcos, it looks like there isn’t anything here that would get me to stop….

    • Jim 6 years ago

      Thanks for you valuable input

  5. Tim 6 years ago

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve worked in restaurants before and if you think the food coming out of there is any cleaner/safer than the food from Royal Farms, you’re mistaken. Royal Farms has to meet the same food safety standards as your local food joint/restaurant.

    Anyway….their chicken is awesome and I’m so glad they finally made it to VA!

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