Foxes are common around Ashburn and Loudoun County.

Yes, we have foxes all over Ashburn, and no, there’s nothing that unusual about this photo. But we thought it was cool so we’re sharing it.

According to Ashburn resident Steven Harris, this (apparently) female fox has been occasionally spotted around the Belmont Ridge Road/Hay Road area — often with two kits in tow. The kits are said to be nearly full-grown now.

This past Saturday, around 11 p.m., Mama Fox boldly climbed up Harris’ patio steps, as seen in this image captured by one of his security cameras.

We have both Red Foxes and Grey Foxes in the area. Hard to be certain, but we’re pretty sure that’s a Red Fox in the photo above. (Or a tall Corgi.)

Image: County of Loudoun

Loudoun County officials say there are foxes in most Loudoun neighborhoods and they are usually harmless to humans, unless they’re rabid, which is rare. Still, you don’t want to try and pet one. The More You Know. (Cue star and rainbow.)

(Thanks to Steven Harris for the photo at top.)

  1. Jim A. 5 years ago

    We get them all the time in Cameron Chase. They sun themselves on our back patio. They are cute little animals….but I’m not trying to pet them! 🙂

  2. Diana Fox 5 years ago

    Apologies all… I was just out and about with the little ones ????????

  3. Philip Hamm 5 years ago

    This looks like the fox that’s stalking around Belmont Greene on a regular basis. I’ve seen it a few times while out on the evening walk with my dogs. My Beagle LOVES to sniff where this fox has been walking.

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