Meanwhile, no official date for the new Lidl store next door, but mid-March is the rumor.

UPDATE: The official opening date of Royal Farms in Ashburn is March 19.

Just a quick update — we’ve gotten word that the new Royal Farms gas station and convenience store in the Broadlands will tentatively open to the public March 3. (*DATE CHANGE: March 19) The date could change, but that’s what the company is targeting right now.

As regular readers of The Burn know, this will be the first Royal Farms location in Loudoun County as the Maryland-based brand aggressively moves into Virginia. The Ashburn Royal Farms will have more than 20 gas pumps, will serve its famous fried chicken in the in-store restaurant and will be open 24 hours.

One more tip for folks who like to be in the know — the nickname for Royal Farms is “RoFo.” Start working that into your vocabulary now.

Meanwhile, no official word yet when the new Lidl grocery store will open next door to the RoFo. (See what we did there.) The latest report we’ve heard is sometime in mid-March.

  1. Kimberly 5 years ago

    I am soooo EXCITED to know RoFo is opening in LOUDOUN COUNTY! I moved here from WhiteMarsh/Nottingham MD but, travel back to Baltimore once a month. I NEVER leave without stopping at Royal Farms for the famous DELICIOUS chicken!!!????????❤????

    • Dave 5 years ago

      Me too! Bel Air transplant here!

  2. Bear Ursa 5 years ago

    It looks so close right now.

  3. apohopper 5 years ago

    Why isn’t is “ROFA”?

  4. Kym Robinson 5 years ago

    Royal Farms is hiring. Log onto the website and apply for the Ashburn location.

  5. DC 5 years ago

    Do they sell 93 octane gas?

  6. SkippityHoppity 5 years ago

    It seems to be on track for an earlier opening. No?

  7. Tgirl 5 years ago

    I am also super excited about Royal Farms coming to Ashburn. I even went to the website and requested numerous times for a location in Winchester when I lived there. I can remember my first time having ROFO’s Famous Chicken about 7yrs ago. I was out in Baltimore driving a party bus and was looking for a quick bite and fell upon ROFO and I have been hooked ever since. I drove all the way from here up to the one in Damascus at 6 a.m. because I was jonesing for some Fried Chicken. Lol I had noticed the construction when I was driving to the dollar tree a few times but didn’t know what was going in there until they finished the outside of the building before the sign was up I know that’s what it was.

  8. John 5 years ago

    Hopefully the ridiculously high (with obvious collusion) gas prices in Ashburn—which are higher than all surrounding areas–can start to come down.

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