Problems with the building led to the decision.

The Naughty Girls Donut Shop, which just opened for business on Dec. 1, has already closed. The gourmet donut shop — one that also served fried fish, hotdogs and more — was located in the Dulles Market Square center off Old Ox Road (by the Panther Laser Tag). But today, the place was empty, a chain on the doors and, oddly, the words “Naughty Girls” covered over on the sign.

We reached out to owner Natalie Ramos. While she was hesitant to go into details, she explained that there were problems with the building and the location and they decided to move the business. Ramos wasn’t ready to reveal the new location, but she said it will still be in the Sterling area, but in a much busier spot with more foot traffic.

Image: Naughty Girls Donut Shop

The Naughty Girls brand had hoped to eventually franchise the concept and Ramos says those plans are still in the works. She said the new location has better “franchisability.” Construction is underway and the new location should open sometime in March or April. Meanwhile, they continue to make donuts out of a corporate kitchen, catering for local companies and office buildings.

Image: Naughty Girls Donut Shop
  1. Sharon 6 years ago

    Karma followed them

    • Jim A. 6 years ago

      I’m not familiar with them Sharon, what do you mean when you say karma followed them? Are they not good people?

      • Sharon 6 years ago

        They once had a shop in Front Royal where some people didn’t like their concept. The owners then bashed the community on Facebook, newspaper, TV, sold gift cards less than 1 week before shutting their doors without notice, said they would donate doughnuts to local elem school & canceled the day before (this occurred more than once), didn’t pay their taxes or fees to the County & State, etc. I think that covers it for the most part.

        • Jim A. 6 years ago

          Understood, thanks for the information. Frankly, the concept seems kind of silly to me, and their business plan is certainly something I would not want to be an investor in.

  2. Kai 6 years ago

    Everytime they change locations the service and product decreases coming from someone who has followed them everywhere . Very sad. Had great potential

  3. Drew 6 years ago

    I think the way people treated them in front royal,anywhere but that town should be a better place.hope they flourish in the future!!

    • Sharon 6 years ago

      You need to read my reply to Jim A. (above). All public knowledge, not FAKE NEWS.

  4. Katrina 6 years ago

    The owner over exaggerated things and after bad mouthing the town they stopped supporting her. A few months later she had to close because she lost a lot of loyal customers. She “bit the hands that few her.” and it bit her in the ass.

    • Katrina 6 years ago

      That was supposed to say fed not few. Stupid autocorrect

  5. LaLa Chong 6 years ago

    If they will be selling donuts at $33 a dozen in Sterling they better make sure product is freshly made (within 5 hours). I was so excited when they first opened in Dulles. I spent $50 (coffee, dozen donuts, and two (2) boozy donuts. I was very disappointed donuts were stale, sitting there a few days. I went into the shop another time but service was so bad I just left. Maybe that location isn’t the best but in that same shopping center is Dulles Kabobs, which has no problem with customers…they have a good product and even my teenage soon doesn’t mind driving a few minutes out of the way to eat there! So before management opens up again, they should look at hiring a “Business Babe” to work at “Naughty Girls” to the fix internal problems!! The demographics in Sterling are not spending $50 for donuts!

    • Rob Blackstone 6 years ago

      $33/dozen?!? That might work if they were located in downtown San Francisco or Los Angeles, not here.

    • Cheaper by the dozen 6 years ago

      Wow! I make mid-six figures and can’t imagine spending over $12 for a dozen donuts…and they had better be fresh! $33 is criminal in my book! I can’t see them making it unless there are a whole lot of folks that think $3 for one donut is acceptable!

    • Daniel Golding 6 years ago

      Yes but Dulles Kabob is delicious and Naughty Girls is not 🙂

  6. JoJo Dancer 6 years ago

    Hey lala, did you know that current location on overland dr is actually “sterling”. You sound silly talking about it being a bad idea to move into sterling when they were already in Sterling.

  7. Bonnie 6 years ago

    I shopped at their Front Royal store when it was open. The donuts were good when they were fresh and hot. Just so expensive. They were not there long then it closed up.

  8. LaLa Chong 6 years ago

    Hey JoJo,
    Yes, I thought it was Dulles not Sterling either way they failed! Not my business, I don’t feel silly at all! ????

  9. LaLa Chong 6 years ago

    Exactly my point, Rob Stone! ???????? at those prices!!

  10. Kimberly 6 years ago

    They spoke so badly of Front Royal and the whole town. While a couple of people did not approve of the store it was only a couple. The town as a whole supported them until they continued to speak poorly of us.

  11. Anonymous 6 years ago

    They talked bad about front royal bc all the town’s people acted like they should change their name. Bc it had naughty in it. They were bullied. And forced to shut down bc everyone start boycotting them bc of a damn name. It was ridiculous. Front royal is such a beautiful town but the people truly make it ugly.

    • Sharon 6 years ago

      Not true. You should read my reply to Jim A. above. They were NOT forced to shut down – they closed their doors w/out notice. They treated their employees, customers & anyone who disagreed with them in any way like crap!! I do agree with you in one area — it was ridiculous. It was ridiculous how they lied to everyone & blamed all their problems on everyone else.

  12. Olympia Tisdale 6 years ago

    There are no problems with the building at her location. I don’t know the just of how she rand her business but I know my daughter worked for her and she did not pay her employees. They have closed down and employees that did get a pay check their checks bounced and she would not return any calls. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE BUILDING and those were not fresh donuts they were delivered the night before and sat out all night.

  13. lisak87 6 years ago

    I’m just going to leave this right here:

    Not paying employees for weeks
    Adding and charging tips when customers did not include a tip
    And their donuts weren’t even made in the store

    • Cheaper by the dozen 6 years ago

      Link is bad.

      • Sharon 6 years ago

        Try this:

        Natalie posted a video on their Facebook page. It’s only about 2 min long, but it’s Oscar worthy 🙂

  14. Sharon 6 years ago

    Somebody financially affected by these unlawful practices needs to file a complaint with the LCSO, Atty Gen, BBB and anyone else who can stop this from happening again. Call NBC4 Responds 844-NBC-DC44 OR 7 on your side at WJLA.

  15. Cindy 6 years ago

    I drive by this (now closed) location every morning and I can tell you, I never once saw cars there. I stopped right after it first opened to get a dozen to bring to the office and I’m so, so, so glad I got myself an additional donut to eat on the way into the office because it was horrible! I’d have felt like an idiot sharing those nasty, stale donuts with the office after bragging about how delicious they were when I had them twice while traveling through Front Royal. They opened on a Friday and I visited the next Friday. There’s no excuse for stale donuts on a Friday morning! I believe they had to serve leftover product as a cost-savings measure. If you don’t have sales, you can’t afford to bake fresh each day and throw away tons of old product, you know?

    That shopping center the were in is a disaster anyway. The construction on Old Ox makes it sometimes difficult to get in and out. Also, the shopping center as a whole looks very rundown. There was no large “anchor” store to really draw the crowds in. My friend lives down the street off Freeport and when I asked if she’d visited the shop her exact response was, “I didn’t know there was a donut shop there! We never go to that shopping center.” I mean, if people who live a literal stone’s throw didn’t know about it or visit it, why would the general public?

    I’ll give the new location a shot but if they are stale, then they’ve lost me as a customer. I don’t mind paying for good, fresh donuts. I frequently bring in B-Donuts from Leesburg, which are not cheap either, but I also don’t have a problem with bringing in a dozen from Dunkin, which are far, far better than the nasty, stale ones I had in December.

    • Meh.... 6 years ago

      You just can’t go wrong with dunkin. Always fresh, relatively cheap, and you always get a consistant experience.

  16. LAUREN GOLDING 6 years ago

    Where did that name come from? The theme looked old style diner so what is so “naughty”. Maybe naughty as in bad, bad tasting food.

  17. Front Royal Redneck 6 years ago

    The Nasty Girls Donut shop is a classic case study in what not to do. Seriously, sell your story to Harvard Business Review, and have them draft up a case study for MBA, Marketing, or Finance professionals and students to study. Don’t forget about the Potomac Mills Mall location that opened for a weekend and then closed down. I am not sure which is worse–the product, continuing down this trend of opening and closing, or the investors/banks/financiers that keep underwriting these failures.

  18. Kendy Molina 6 years ago

    They do not pay their employees, they cheat them with payments and they steal their money, they lie about repairs, bank accounts and society problems. How sad they play with the money of those who worked honestly there, they are very bad people . It is a lie that they have closed for problems in the building and pedestrian traffic, they DO NOT PAY their employees, find out there are many employees who owe us and do not want to pay us more than 4 months ago we are waiting for payment, they are liars and thieves, take advantage of people who want to work and have the need of work to put them to wait for a payment that will never come.

  19. Catherine 6 years ago

    Good Riddance ???? I didn’t like the name, never even wanted to stop there. Maybe try “Good Girls Donuts” and judging by what I’m reading…make fresh, good donuts!

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