The new discount retailer carries big ticket luxury items.


Big news on the retail front — especially for home furnishings and decor lovers — as word leaks that Loudoun is getting not just a new HomeGoods store but also a Sierra Trading Post and a coveted Homesense store. We understand all three will likely be coming to the Sterling area as soon as later this year.

It appears the new HomeGoods store and the Sierra Trading Post will be coming to the Potomac Run Plaza in Sterling (where Toys R Us, Target and Outback are located). The location of the Homesense store isn’t official yet, but we’re told it will likely be in that same area, possibly even in that same shopping center.

If you’re scratching your head about these three related brands, we’ll try to explain.

HomeGoods – most locals already know HomeGoods since we have had a store in Ashburn for years at the Ashbrook Commons shopping center. Discounted furnishings, home decor, rugs, cookware and more.

Sierra Trading Post – Also part of the same family of brands as HomeGoods, but the focus is on discounted clothing, especially outdoor and exercise clothing, along with outdoor gear and sporting equipment. Picture a bargain-priced Dicks.

Homesense – a new brand from the folks behind HomeGoods, Homesense is like the luxury version of HomeGoods only larger and with more big-ticket items like high-end furniture, beds, even chandeliers. They’ll be discounted compared to many stores, but price points will likely be a bit higher.

There are more than 20 Sierra Trading Posts around the U.S. Homesense is new to the U.S. The first ones opened in Canada and now there are four in the U.S. — two in Massachusetts, two in New Jersey. Unless another one opens somewhere else sooner, the HomeSense in Loudoun will be the first in the D.C. market.

(Image at top: HomeSense)