The company says it hopes to open later this summer.

More big news on the Trader Joe’s front. For the first time, the company has officially confirmed they are working on a store at One Loudoun here in Ashburn. The word comes 2 1/2 weeks after The Burn broke the news that building permit applications had been filed with the county for the new TJ’s store.

“We are working very hard to open a store in the Ashburn area,” said Kenya Friend-Daniel, the National Director of Public Relations for Trader Joe’s. “We are hoping to open in the third quarter of the year. Our goal is definitely this year.”

Friend-Daniel also confirmed the location they are planning to open in is the former Fresh Market space on Brimfield Drive in One Loudoun.

While this may seem anti-climactic after we broke the building permit news, this is still an important development — the first official word from the company. Many local TJ’s fans continue to hold their breath — not fully believing the news (despite our impeccable reporting). Hopefully this will go a long way towards helping them sleep easy that Trader Joe’s is happening here in Loudoun.

As far as a formal press release from the company or One Loudoun, that may still be a ways off. Companies like Trader Joe’s don’t like to get too far out over their skis. Better to hold off on a press release even when the news is out there, rather than have to retract something after the fact if a problem arises.

But just to recap — the official spokeswoman for Trader Joe’s confirmed for me in a phone call today that they are working on the store at One Loudoun and hope to open sometime in the July to September range.

  1. Phyllis 6 years ago

    Located in my old place of business.

  2. Lise O’Reilly 6 years ago

    Awesome news!
    So happy Traders Joe’s is coming in our neighborhood!
    Can’t wait!!!

  3. VA in VA 6 years ago

    But first they must remodel the parking lot to remove 50 to 100 parking spaces just to give the truly authentic Trade Joe’s experience.

    • Mark 6 years ago

      Very true. This one is the opposite. One Loudoun is building a parking garage next door to the grocery.

  4. Jennifer 6 years ago

    Still won’t believe it until a sign is up on the building, nothing on One Loudoun webpage – nothing on Trader Joe’s webpage for “Coming Soon.”

    • The Burn 6 years ago

      You’re welcome to hold off on believing, but I spoke to the official spokeswoman for Trader Joe’s in California who confirmed for me that they are coming to the One Loudoun space. And I’ve seen with my own eyes the building permits for that space that say Trader Joe’s. So I’m a believer. 🙂

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