There will be several months of detours while ramp work is finished.

Everyone in Ashburn is looking forward to the end of the massive construction project at Route 7 and Belmont Ridge Road. VDOT is widening Belmont, building a whole new stretch of roadway and a massive fly-over across Route 7 along with ramps on and off of 7. Now comes word that on or about March 20, the traffic signals will be eliminated at Belmont and 7 and drivers will be detoured while the east side ramps are completed.

An image of the Belmont Ridge Road bridge soaring over Route 7. From September.

The detours are complicated, so we’re going to try and walk you though it best we can. Here are the different routes drivers will have to navigate.

  • Let’s say you are coming south on Belmont and want to go east on Route 7. You will be directed west onto Route 7 down to the next exit at Riverside Creek Parkway (Village at Leesburg/Wegmans), exit, go up and cross over the bridge and take the ramp back onto eastbound Route 7.
  • You will have to do the same thing if you are heading west on Route 7 and want to go south on Belmont. Go down to Riverside Creek Parkway, exit and get right back on going back east, then turn south on Belmont.
  • If you are going west on Route 7 and want to turn north on Belmont, no can do. You will need to continue past Belmont and exit at Riverside Creek Parkway, then go north to Riverside Parkway and double back to Belmont.
  • If you are traveling north on Belmont and want to turn right and go east on Route 7, also no can do. You will need to cross over on the new bridge, continue north and take a right on Riverside Parkway and take it back to Lansdowne Boulevard (by Inova Loudoun Hospital) and get on Route 7 east there.

Complicated? Definitely. Take time looking at the graphic and it will make sense eventually. Or just follow the detour signs.

  1. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Did I miss the option to go West on 7 from NB Belmont?

    • The Burn 5 years ago

      There’s no detour for Westbound on 7 from Belmont because the new ramp WB ramp is opening.

  2. Anonymous2 5 years ago

    When is the traffic light at Lexington Drive going to be removed? It doesn’t make sense to hold up hundreds of cars on Route 7 for 5-10 cars to make a left at that light during heavy commuter traffic hours. The cars that want to make a left can use the new overpass.

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