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New details on how Smokehouse will change and the indoor farmers’ market.

Just a quick update… we have some more information on the big news from last weekend about the upcoming ChefScape space at Village at Leesburg and the reworked size of Smokehouse Live. (See our full story here.)

Image: ChefScape

Here is a floorpan that shows how the 16,000+ s.f. space will be divvied up. The bulk of it is going to ChefScape. You can see how they will have a full commercial kitchen at the back and private prep suites that local artisan food businesses can lease in the middle. And up front, where the main Smokehouse Live dining room used to be, guests will find a a space for special events including the weekly indoor farmers’ market.

Meanwhile, on the right side of the image, you can see the new, smaller space where Smokehouse Live will reside. This space includes the current stage and bar area. We understand that Smokehouse Live plans to work in partnership with ChefScape and will participate in the farmers market and other events next door.

It’s also been announced that Smokehouse will keep making the great smoked meats and barbecue they’re known for, but also expand the menu to include more classic southern-style dishes. When construction starts, the restaurant will close briefly. The new space and new menu will debut sometime this spring.

Images (here, at top): Smokehouse Live
  1. Camillia 5 years ago

    If they’re taking requests for food, PLEASE PLEASE bring back the cheese grits. This is why my husband and I used to come and we haven’t been back since they removed them from the regular menu. My husband litterly got emotional when he found out they were gone…lol #bringbackthegrits

  2. Jim A. 5 years ago

    Prediction: Smokehouse Live will be closed within 18 months.
    What was once a high quality, cool place to be has sunk to the kind of place that serves mediocre food (much of it cold), by employees who are like zombies.
    18 months…

  3. Bud 5 years ago

    Jim is certainly welcome to his opinion, and I trust he will find the next “cool” place
    to hang!
    The challenge of developing a quality, sustainable venue providing the community a place to create and represent their values of tradition and heritage is challenged as never before.
    The opportunity to bring our hardworking farmers , entrepreneurs and family households together in a central location
    must not be missed.
    So for the rest of us!
    Please stay tuned and don’t miss out on the next “cool” place! You’ll love it!

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