Big changes could be coming to the Broadlands.

For several years now, Ashburn residents have been waiting for work to start on a community center of their own. Basketball courts, indoor swimming pool, meeting rooms, and more. Since at least 2016, a sign has stood along Truro Parish Drive in the Broadlands touting it as the future site of the community center.

Image: Google Maps

Now comes word that the Ashburn Community Center may happen at a different location altogether. County leaders are working on a deal that would instead build the community center along Broadlands Boulevard just south of the Greenway. (See image above.) It would occupy a parcel of land sandwiched between Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm restaurant and the new Lidl grocery store that has just been built.

On this diagram, you can see the new Lidl grocery store at the far right hand side, with the new Royal Farms gas station to the north. The Van Metre office building is by the Lidl and the other buildings on the plan are not constructed yet. The proposed Ashburn Community Center takes up the left hand side of the image.

Initial plans for the community center called for 100,000-s.f. facility with meeting rooms, classrooms, a fitness center, a gymnasium and a running track. There would also be an aquatic center featuring a 50-meter swimming pool as well as a leisure pool and locker rooms. We’re told all these items are still in the works and, since the new parcel is a bit larger, there may even be room for some small soccer fields.

The proposed Ashburn Community Center plans on Broadlands Boulevard.

“This potential new site would be a huge win for our community — it’s a better location, can hold more amenities, and will save the county money and time,” County Supervisor Ron Meyer told The Burn. “The current site has been a nightmare. It’s too small, on a rocky hill, too close to houses, and hard to enter and exit. To make it fit, the board was informed last month the project would need an additional $15 million. That is why our office and Planning Commission Chairman Cliff Keirce got to work on finding an alternative site, and while we’re still working out the details, we believe we can get this deal done with the community’s support.”

Under the deal, Van Metre would reportedly swap the Broadlands Boulevard site for the Truro Parish site. There, they would build roughly 60 new single-family homes.

  1. KCJ 5 years ago

    Does that mean that Clyde’s restaurant would no longer have the “farm” and the barn?

  2. feathers 5 years ago

    It is unfair that in 2018, Ashburn residents still do not have a Rec center and have to travel to overcrowded facilities in Leesburg, Sterling, and South Riding. This is unacceptable. Ashburn residents have very few outdoor park and recreation opportunities that are geared towards wellness and our community planners need to be held accountable. Seriously, how many more people can the W&OD trail handle? As a community we should be equally investing in green space instead of hyper focusing on more commercial and high density dwellings. Yes, we’ve been hearing about the proposed Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park and Beaverdam Creek park for the past decade and yet both are either on hold are behind schedule.

    As Ashburn citizens do we only care about more restaurants?

  3. Jeddie Busch 5 years ago

    This new location is so much better than the previous one. Thanks to Ron Meyer and Cliff Keirce for taking the initiative and finding a better spot.

  4. Cliff Keirce 5 years ago

    Clyde’s Farm and Barns will remain.

  5. Matt 5 years ago

    When is this going to be built and open? Been waiting a long time….

  6. Bob Saget 5 years ago

    Looks like from the approved FY19 budget that the site won’t be moved (they just put an extra $15M in the CIP to make it work).

  7. kt 4 years ago
    Reply — latest news says this swap is infact happening.
    About time.

    Can you build it already! it’s been a long time coming.

  8. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Any update on the community center?

    • The Burn 4 years ago

      It’s still in the works and in the pipeline. Just takes time to get all the details ironed out. But it should be coming to the Broadlands Boulevard location.

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