The steakhouse chain is looking at a location off Route 7.

The Burn has confirmed that the Texas Roadhouse steakhouse chain is actively exploring a location in Ashburn. More specifically, a location at the nascent Riverside Square shopping center going up on the north side of Route 7. (See our previous story here.) We are also hearing that the brand may also be looking for a spot in the same center for its sister brand, Bubba’s 33. Bubba’s 33 is a pizza, wings and burger bar famous for its ice cold beer.

Texas Roadhouse is a Kentucky-based brand with more than 450 locations around the United States and internationally. The closest Texas Roadhouse to Ashburn is in Chantilly. There is also a location in Winchester. Meanwhile, the founder of Texas Roadhouse has launched a second brand, Bubba’s 33, which has roughly two dozen locations around the U.S. It’s a sports bar and takes its name from the temperature it serves its beer at, as well as the fact that Prohibition ended in 1933.

At this point, while we know that Texas Roadhouse is definitely looking at a space in Loudoun, we cannot confirm if this is a done deal or not. Since we first heard the rumor back in November, we have reached out several times to the Texas Roadhouse public relations department, but have not received a response. When we spoke to the developer — Monument Realty — they said they weren’t ready to discuss any potential tenants yet.

So, in other words, stay tuned.

Images: Texas Roadhouse/Bubba’s 33
  1. Sally 6 years ago

    Why not for Texas Road house or any family restaurant to take over several closed restaurants, i.e Logan Road Steak house or Famous Dave’s or Applebee’s in Sterling. I am concerned about my town, Sterling area.

  2. Jim A. 6 years ago

    TRH is, in my opinion, the best of the “affordable” steak house chains in the US. We bypass the local places in Ashburn to drive to Chantilly, because none of the places can touch TRH.
    I would make the owners of a Texas Roadhouse franchise in Loudoun this promise: I will eat at your restaurant no less than twice a week, be it lunch or dinner. You can count on me…until I explode! All kidding aside, TRH would do very, very well in Loudoun.

  3. Sally 6 years ago

    I am happy to hear about Mission BBQ is coming to Sterling! Happy Dancing! YAY!

  4. Clifford Millard 6 years ago

    Can a Texas Roadhouse be built in Crystal River, FL?

  5. Cindy 6 years ago

    So glad to hear Texas Roadhouse is seriously looking to open a location in Loudoun! I agree with Jim A. above, Texas Roadhouse is the best of the affordable chains. Their side salads are the best. I think it’s a combination of the housemade croutons & the extremely chilled temp of the salad when served.

    Two of the 5 members in my family always pick going to Texas Roadhouse when it’s their turn to pick a restaurant or when selecting their birthday/special occasion restaurant. It’ll be awesome not to have to make the trek to Chantilly!

    I’ve not heard of Bubba’s 33, but I’m all for more restaurants in Loudoun. I’m loving the variety of restaurants that have exploded into Loudoun in the last 10 years, especially in the Ashburn & Leesburg area. As a longtime Leesburg resident, it’s a welcome change to not always have to drive to Sterling, Chantilly, Reston, Herndon to get variety.

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