The popular convenience store brand is famous for its hoagies.

The folks behind the mammoth Kincora development underway west of State Road 28 near Route 7 have confirmed that a new Wawa convenience store and gas station is part of the project’s plan. The popular c-store, known for its custom hoagie sandwiches, is in the works for a parcel of land at the intersection of Pacific Boulevard and Gloucester Parkway.

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“Wawa has signed a lease for space at Kincora,” said Dan Coughlan, one of the principals with TRITEC Development Group. “We have submitted a special exception application, which is subject to Loudoun County Board of Supervisors approval, for (Wawa) to be located near the fire and rescue station and we are working hard to obtain it.”

This will technically be the second Wawa location in Loudoun County, but the first one is located so close to the Fairfax County line that it hardly counts. It opened last June at 606 and Oakgrove Road. Meanwhile the new Wawa store should be more conveniently located for many residents of Ashburn and Sterling, coming at a major intersection near SR 28 and the Dulles Town Center mall.

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  1. Georgiann quarles 4 years ago

    Wawa is a great store.i am from phillP where they are popular. Hoagies are the best.its clean and a good one stop place.

  2. Anonymous 4 years ago

    I would love to see my wawa get a remodel. I live in California MD.

  3. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Best Apple fritters! Son would bring to me when he would visit from PA!

  4. Rod Webb 4 years ago

    When are we going to get another gas station south of the Greenway? There are only a very small handful. One on LCP just south of the Greenway, one on Old Ox Road, and one over on Truro Parish Rd. Not many stations to serve the multitude of cars in the Broadlands and Brambleton areas.

  5. Anonymous 4 years ago

    When are they going to open one in Georgia? With Fayetteville Georgia booming I’m surprised that they haven’t jumped at the opportunity to open one here. The best coffee and hoagies I’ve ever had comes from Wawa..I hoped to open one but I found out it’s owned by corporations and not individuals. I hope that changes in the future..

  6. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Great–anything that helps break the gasoline price fixing in Ashburn (where prices run 25-30 cents per gallon higher than nearly all surrounding areas)!

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