The space currently occupied by the large international supermarket is available for lease.

The future of the large Global Food supermarket in Ashburn is unclear. The Burn has confirmed that the 57,000 s.f. space in the Ashburn Farm Village Center has been put on the market as available to lease. In addition, the listing says the space could be divided up into smaller pieces. In other words, it doesn’t have to be replaced by another large supermarket or retailer. It could become a number of smaller stores or restaurants.

Image: KLNB Retail

The Burn reached out to Regency Centers, the operator of the shopping center that also includes Ashburn’s Buffalo Wing Factory restaurant and an Advanced Auto Parts store. “Global Food is our anchor at Ashburn Farm Village Center, and I haven’t been made aware of any changes to that,” said Regency spokesman Eric Davidson, in an email to The Burn.

We also reached out to Global Food’s management, but have not received a response. Employees at both the Ashburn Global Food and a headquarters in Sterling said they were unaware of plans to move or close the store.

Image: Global Food

Sometimes retail spaces are listed as available in advance when a tenant is going to leave in order to minimize the time the space is vacant, but it’s unclear if that applies in this situation.

Global Food is an international supermarket featuring foods from India, Asia, Latin America and other faraway locales. It has served customers in Ashburn for more than eight years now. According to its website, the brand has three other locations — in Manassas, Woodbridge and Montgomery Village, Md. It’s nearest competition in Ashburn is the Lotte Plaza Korean and Asian supermarket in the Farmwell Hunt Plaza.

  1. Drew 6 years ago

    If it is for lease why doesn’t management of the center know about it?

    • The Burn 6 years ago

      That’s a darn good question. Waiting on an answer.

  2. Jim A. 6 years ago

    I wonder if this is part of a lease negotiation on the LL’s part. Maybe the lease is close to a renewal date and the LL is not sure if Global Foods will stay.

    • The Burn 6 years ago

      Anything is possible. People have tried to use The Burn in the past to impact a deal. I try to be cognizant of that when I research a story.

  3. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Best veggies and fruit in the area. Hope they stay.

  4. Lisa AW 6 years ago

    Ashburn Glibals is an excellent grocery store with a fantastic produce section. This store is clean, well organized and with a good selection of international and American foods. There prices and quality are superior to the American chain grocery stores in the area. Lotte is horrible, imo. Have gotten spoiled produce, for which the manger manager with zero customer relation skills did not want to refund me. They also have a more limited selection of items only from asian countries (that’s not international). Lastly, unless you are shopping by country, you will find the organization a challenge to ship genetically by product tyoe. That store does not feel as clean and has the atmosphere of a foreign bazaar, which may ir may not be to your liking. Globalnis awesome. I have friends visit with me to go to Global together.

  5. D.a. Trappert 6 years ago

    Since Lotte opened, not much reason to go here. My wife always finds the Chinese vegetables she wants at Lotte and they are fresh. The big advantage in our case is that Lotte is much more of a Chinese/Korean/Japanese store, which is what we want.

  6. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Lotte Market is far superior (and always busy). Global Foods tends to be dirty, the produce is inferior, and the staff seems disengaged.

  7. Lindsey 6 years ago

    I like it better than Lotte, but I now prefer Aldi for my cheap groceries. Would be neat to get a different type of retail shopping in Ashburn, like a Kohls or TJ Maxx.

  8. Bruce C. 6 years ago

    Global’s staff & management does appear to be completely disengaged. Shelving of products is haphazard. I frequently find expired canned & jarred items on the shelf. I do prefer Lotte, but wish it was bigger.

  9. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Wow, did I just fall down a worm hole and end up in Yelp?

  10. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Any news on this?

  11. Anonymous 5 years ago

    Space for lease around 64k SF is showing up now on Ashburn Road

  12. Jo Sharma 5 years ago

    Have been a great fan and a loyal regular for very many years. Love Global Foods. Quiet, clean and spacious (unlike Lotte), and stocks fresh items. With respect to the Indian grocery and snacks, Global Foods has far better collection than Lotte.

    Very sad to learn the news that Global Foods will be leaving soon.

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