The new delivery and carry-out concept is coming to Ashburn and Leesburg.

Wow, big news today on the local dining scene. The company behind the popular Outback Steakhouse and Carrabba’s Italian Grill restaurant brands is planning to bring its newest concept to not one, but two locations here in Loudoun County. It’s called “Outback & Carrabba’s Express” and it focuses entirely on delivery, carry-out and catering. In other words, no dining in, only food to go.

The Washington Business Journal broke the news today. They’re reporting the new concept has four locations open in Florida with two more in the works there. But the two Loudoun locations would apparently be the first outside of the Sunshine State. Considering Loudoun has no Carrabba’s and only one Outback in Sterling, this will come as welcome news to fans of the brands.

According to the WBJ, one of the locations will be in Ashburn on Flagstaff Plaza. It will go into the vacant spot next to the Starbucks in the new retail building located just off Loudoun County Parkway at 267. (Next to the Aloft Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn.) The other location will be in a small shopping center on Fort Evans Road in Leesburg across the street from the Leesburg Outlet mall.

The Burn had been hearing for several months now that a “new to the market” concept was coming to the Flagstaff Plaza location, and boy, were they right. Bloomin’ Onions, here we come!

Images: Outback Carrabba’s Express, Outback Steakhouse
  1. Buddah 5 years ago

    The one in Leesburg if it is Fort Evans Rd NE would be right by my house. I can smell the steaks now. 😀

  2. lisak87 5 years ago

    Literally zero interest. If I could have negative interest, it would be that.

  3. Jim A. 5 years ago

    I read the comments on Facebook and it amazes me how people can act so offended by new food offerings, solely because it is not a restaurant they like. They take that so personally and it cracks me up.
    I still hope Texas Roadhouse comes to Loudoun,as I like it much better than Outback, but I do like Carrabba’s.
    Bring it on!

  4. Seth 5 years ago

    I feel like everybody in this area is just waiting to see what “they”will build for you next. All consumers and no entrepreneurs

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