The new restaurant, formerly Boston’s, was supposed to have a grand opening any day now.

Wow, trouble in Goose Creek Village, where the former Boston’s Pizza restaurant was on the verge of formally opening its new concept with its new menu. Today, the doors were suddenly chained shut and a sign taped in the window said that the landlord had taken over the space.

You’ll remember that it was back in January that The Burn first told you that changes were coming to Boston’s. The owner had decided to part ways with the Boston’s franchise and open his own concept. In February, it was announced that concept would be the Ashburn Ale House. Since then, the space has been undergoing a make-over. We’re told new chefs and staff had been hired. Publicity photos had been taken. The new restaurant was active on social media and the countdown to a grand opening was underway. At one point, it was rumored to be today.

Right now, the future of the Ale House concept is really unclear. The restaurant’s Facebook page has gone dead (never a good sign).

The link to the Ashburn Ale House Facebook page has gone dead.

We reached out to Goose Creek management but they declined to comment at this juncture. Meanwhile, a call to the Ale House’s marketing person hasn’t been returned yet. It’s possible this is just a temporary dispute that will get resolved and the Ashburn Ale House could live again. It’s also possible this is the end of the road. Stay tuned.

  1. Lisa Durant 4 years ago

    Dun dun DUNNNNNN!

  2. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Feared the future was not looking good. Should of started with a consistent service model, followed by good food. That would have kept them busier. They were always short staffed and food was just ‘ok’ overall.

    It’s a great location for a well managed restaurant/sports bar!

  3. Anonymous 4 years ago

    We went there thinking it was still Boston’s this past Saturday 4/15 and saw it was now Alehouse… they told us new management etc… menu was limited … server brought out wrong appetizers so they had to send back and redo, then my meal came out cold so I sent it back to redo and gave me wrong chicken I ordered as well as never brought me my salad … don’t plan on going back…

  4. Jim A. 4 years ago

    The concept did not seem like it would work to me, and evidently it flamed out quickly. The owner was touting the new concept as a good family place….and then named it Ashburn Ale House.
    Yes, Ale Houses are exactly what I think of when I want to go out with my wife and kids. Yes folks, that was sarcasm.

    Oh well, I hope something interesting takes over the location.

  5. Mark 4 years ago

    Went there for lunch this past Tuesday and had good, quick service and a good meal. Wasn’t packed of course (no restaurant in Ashburn is at lunch), but had a handful of people which wasn’t bad for a Tuesday at 11:30 or so. The waiter said they were only serving from a limited menu (though still had plenty of choices) until the new ones were received from the printer.

    I hope they can manage to stay open, always a nice place to go to watch sports, get some good food and enjoy a nice casual atmosphere.

  6. Tom 4 years ago

    Any updates?

    • The Burn 4 years ago

      Nope. Looks like they’re done.

  7. Anonymous 3 years ago

    The service was always poor here, it appeared that workers were not trained properly. Orders were always wrong. It’s hard to rely on the kids in this area to work and actually care about anything. Unless you can afford higher skilled workers it’s tough to run a biz in Loudoun County.

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