The center appears close to signing a slew of new restaurants.

Could Avonlea be close to signing four new restaurants — just weeks after we found the first solid signs that the long awaited development is getting underway. Recently, The Burn told you about how it appeared that the Avonlea development in South Riding was ready to get started. (See story here.) Now, there is more evidence that things are really moving with this project, including our first clues about possible tenants.

These include a full-service Mexican restaurant, an Asian restaurant, a bakery, a Mediterranean restaurant and a fast-casual pizza place. We should stress — it appears these businesses are “close” to signing leases but the deals may not be locked in yet.

Stay with us — we’ll walk you through this.

A few days ago, Peterson Companies, the developer of Avonlea, formally announced they have hired H&R Retail to be the leasing agent for the new shopping, dining and entertainment center. That may sound like inside baseball, but the hiring of leasing and marketing representatives is a significant step. Plus, in the announcement, Peterson came right out and said that the first phase of construction should begin this year.

“The Peterson Cos. has selected H&R Retail as the retail brokerage firm responsible for marketing and leasing the retail component of Peterson’s new project, Avonlea, in Loudoun County,” the statement read in part. “Avonlea will be a 30-acre, mixed-use development near the intersection of Route 50 and Loudoun County Parkway. Construction is expected to begin on its first phase, with a theater, 200,000 square feet of retail and 30,000 square feet of office, this year. Phase I also will include outdoor plazas, cafe-style seating, fire pits and a water feature. The project is scheduled to be open by 2020.”

Image: H&R Retail

H&R Retail is a major leasing agent for retail centers all over the greater DC area. In their marketing materials, we can glean some fascinating details about possible future tenants.

Besides the businesses mentioned above, it looks like H&R has locked in a beauty salon and is negotiating with a South American-style restaurant, a bike shop, a yoga studio and an ice cream parlor. Again, we need to stress that lots of businesses negotiate with lots of shopping centers and they don’t always end with a signed lease. It’s part of the process, but it’s still exciting to see the types of restaurants and shops Avonlea is chasing.

This is the second major development in as many weeks. As The Burn reported on May 5, the first two buildings at Avonlea — Buildings A and C — have been put out to bid. That means the general contractor is actively seeking the companies that will do the plumbing, electrical wiring, masonry work and other aspects of putting up a building. Projects usually aren’t put out to bid like this until a start date is getting close.

Images: H&R Retail, Peterson Cos.

It’s also worth noting that the developers appear to have dumped the previous name “Avonlea Town Center” and are going with the simpler “Avonlea” instead.

Avonlea should be a major draw in southern Loudoun County, with the already signed 11-theater, 748-seat Cinépolis luxury movie theater as its centerpiece. In the plans and renderings, the entire project is reminiscent of the popular One Loudoun center in Ashburn.


  1. David Silvernail 4 years ago

    Hopefully that drawing is vastly under-estimating the number of parking spots they have. It looks like the original layout of one Loudoun before they put in the garage, which was fine at first, but became waaayyy too little parking much too fast.

  2. Rob Blackstone 4 years ago

    Looks like a One Loudoun clone all right.

    I’m really not a fan of that layout, where you separate everything and have stores on one plot of land and then housing on the other. It means that a lot of the residents are still going to end up driving to the stores/restaurants defeating the purpose of a mixed use development. I think the Loudoun Station model is the way to go.

  3. Charles 4 years ago

    Lordy, do they just cut and paste the same restaurants and shops in every Loudoun development?

  4. Anonymous 4 years ago

    Wish it was more like one. loudoun, but its sounding like a poor mans version.

  5. Vince 4 years ago

    Yes “Cut and Paste” is how they do it for retail in the suburbs all across America.
    Go to any city’s suburbs and you will see the same stores and restaurants.

  6. Darin 4 years ago

    I’ll be extremely happy when this place is in. I’m sure this place will evolve over the years and we will get even better establishments. Even One Loudoun has had businesses close that were not performing well. Who cares if something initially isn’t ideal to you. I could even bike to this location!

  7. Lisa 4 years ago

    Would be interested in a golds or LA Fitness there

  8. Anonymous 4 years ago

    We need more high end eating establishments. Tired of pizza and yogurt and smoothie shops…. how about Ruth Chris? Great happy hour menu!

  9. Anonymous 3 years ago

    Will Loudoun County going to get a minor baseball stadium and team with all these businesses coming to this area? Loudoun needs baseball in Va. Lots of people wants baseball in Va. With all the new developments coming to this area why not a new baseball team and stadium for fans that would go to the games. Have the stadium be built like the Bowie stadium in Maryland. Will these plans for baseball in Loudoun County ever be built in Va? Just checking.

  10. Anonymous 3 years ago

    wholefoods please

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