The new Ashburn shopping center will include the area’s second Lidl grocery store.

Way back in August 2017, The Burn broke the news that Ashburn was getting a second Lidl grocery store — this one coming to the soon-to-be built Ashbrook Marketplace shopping center. Now, we’ve gotten a first glimpse of what the future center will likely look like.

Image here and at top: Saul Centers

A recently released plan for Ashbrook Marketplace shows the 29,000 s.f. Lidl store as well as a nearby gas station, marked as PMG. PMG is a fuel industry company that works with many gas station brands, so it’s not yet clear what gas station and convenience store might go there. (Ignore the compass marked “N” in the corner. Best as we can tell, that’s more northwest.)

There are three additional retail buildings that will be divided up into individual stores and businesses. There are also three pads. Pads are stand-alone sites that businesses can build on — such as fast-food restaurants, banks, auto service shops, etc. In the diagram, you’ll note that all three pad sites include what appear to be drive-thru lanes around the buildings, but those designs are probably not set in stone.

Image: Google Maps

If you look on the large empty lot where Ashbrook Marketplace is to be built, you will see it is nestled up close to the existing Ashbrook Commons shopping center. This plan will put the Lidl store at the edge of the existing Harris Teeter parking lot. And the new gas station will sit kitty-corner from the current Shell gas station — a literal stone’s throw away. The properties have two different owners so it will be an interesting dynamic.

Image: Lidl

Current plans (which are always subject to change) call for crews to break ground on Ashbrook Marketplace later this year with a target of stores starting to open in Fall 2019.

  1. Janice Saylor 6 years ago

    I imagine that they’ll raze the entire tree stand at the corner of Russell Branch and Ashburn Village Parkway, increasing the noise and light pollution for those of us who live nearby. It seems that we’re Hell-bent on tearing down trees and paving every inch of Ashburn. Not happy!

  2. Rob Blackstone 6 years ago

    The land in Ashburn is valuable and the people who own it aren’t interested in keeping the trees, they want to sell it and make a profit. The only way to preserve the green space would be to buy the land and just sit on it, but nobody is going to do that.

    Within 10 years every square foot of undeveloped land in eastern Loudoun is going to either be a shopping center, mixed-use development or data center. No way to stop that now.

  3. LB 6 years ago

    I did not find anything about this new development interesting or exciting. We visited the current LIDL in what is I guess the Broadlands. LIDL was an unusual mix of a grocery store and a hardware store. I could imagine this unusual combination working in places without access to a Home Depot, Lowes, etc., but for here I just found it a bit out-of-place. Aside from that, I do hope that whatever is built in this ‘Ashbrook Marketplace’ is of value to the seniors who will be moving in to the large facility just on the other side of Russell Branch Parkway.

  4. S. Brown, Ashburn 5 years ago

    A devastating event when all those beautiful trees were taken down…
    How very sad to take that away from all those in the surrounding neighborhood.
    Now more traffic and less beauty in the area.

  5. Michael Hackmer 5 years ago

    It seems like over-saturation. But perhaps when the apartments / condos or whatever they are going to be are built across the street – maybe there will be enough people to support all those businesses. Though – I’m not crazy about adding more people. Anyway… As it stands… We have 2 Wegmans within a short drive, a HT, a Whole Foods, a Traders Joes, and a Giant. There also are a couple of more ethnic markets nearby. I’m just not sure we need or can support all those storefronts. I guess time will tell. I was rather sad to see all the trees disappear. It felt like something nice was just torn out of our neighborhood.

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