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The new storefronts are on the ground level of the just opened parking garage.

Ashburn area residents will want to keep their eyes on the new parking garage at Loudoun Station, which just opened to vehicles. Not because a parking garage is that exciting but because of the new retail spaces on the ground floor.

The new spaces are covered with “mock” storefronts meant to get the community excited and hopefully entice new restaurants, shops and others businesses to lease space there. The new spaces are on the first floor of the parking garage, more or less across the street from the Starplex movie theater.

No word yet on any possible tenants for these spaces. There are a number of other spaces still available for rent in the existing buildings in Loudoun Station. One would expect as we get closer to the arrival of the Metro in Ashburn, these spaces will become more and more desirable.

Meanwhile, we’re eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Señor Tequila’s Mexican Grill & Bar — said to be in the next few weeks — as well as the arrival of Mahana Poke, which is supposed to take over the former Firenza Pizza place.

  1. CoolMama 6 years ago

    And don’t forget our awesome Farmers Market there every Saturday 9:00-1:00!!

  2. Mark 6 years ago

    Don’t see those being leased anytime soon with empty locations still in the main section and a few failed stores/restuarants already. At some point once the next phase opens and then Metro arrives it will be bustling, but until then tough to draw retail customers there to shop (restaurants for the most part seem to draw OK).

  3. Annan Colic 6 years ago

    It would be wonderful if a vegetarian based restaurant or a restaurant that would also cater to the large vegetarian residents of this community.

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