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The center may also expand across the street and add more stores in a new development.

Just about everyone in Ashburn and Sterling knows the Dulles 28 Centre shopping plaza, even if they don’t know the name. It’s the home to Target and Wegmans, Cheeburger Cheeburger and the new Chick-Fil-A at the intersection of Waxpool Road and State Road 28. Normally a pretty quiet spot for news, The Burn has suddenly heard not one, but two intriguing rumors about things happening at the center.

First, there’s a possibility that a Chipotle restaurant is coming to the Dulles 28 Centre. A few days ago, we received an email from a reader who found a “Coming Soon” listing for a Chipotle location at 22000 Dulles Retail Plaza on the actual Chipotle website. That address is the Dulles 28 Centre. Fortunately, he took a screen grab of it because when we went looking we couldn’t find it.

However, on the Chipotle website, when you go to “Locations” and look at a map of all the Chipotles in the area, there is a little Chipotle icon on top of the Dulles 28 Centre. But clicking on it doesn’t pull up any relevant information.

The Burn reached out to Chipotle HQ and the Dulles 28 Center. Sounds like nothing is definite yet — translation: no lease is signed. Lots of deals get negotiated every day, but don’t come to fruition. If Chipotle does come to Dulles 28, we can guess it would be going into the former California Tortilla spot, but that’s purely a guess.

The former California Tortilla spot at the Dulles 28 Centre.

Meanwhile, check out these signs that have popped up across from the entrance to the Dulles 28 Centre.

They stand on a large undeveloped parcel of land and tout a future “Dulles 28 Centre West” — as if the shopping center is going to expand. We spoke briefly to a Dulles 28 Centre rep last week about the signs, and he said they were very preliminary and there is no information to share about any plans at this time.

So there you go — possible Chipotle and possible expansion coming to the Dulles 28 Centre. Stay tuned!

  1. Rob Blackstone 5 years ago

    Oh good, that block didn’t have a Chipotle yet.

  2. Em 5 years ago

    Rob all you ever do is complain about businesses going in.

    • Donkey_Spice 5 years ago

      …And? Let the man complain.

  3. Craig 5 years ago

    Yeah Rob, We are so desperate for businesses and services out here in BFE that we like to make a big deal about stuff like this. It’s like Mayberry when they got a new gas station.

  4. MCS 5 years ago

    Why let this dump of a place in? Not enough E coli already going around?

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