The Burn gave the new burger chain a try while traveling out of state.

A couple of weeks ago, The Burn broke the news that the Ashburn area is getting not one, but two new Burgerim locations. As we reported, Burgerim is a fast-growing burger chain that specializes in sliders, wings and other treats. One location is at the Ashburn Crossroads center (by Starbucks, Potbelly and the new Halal Guys). The other is at the Brambleton Town Center in the old Johnny Rockets space.

This past weekend, while traveling out of state, we happened upon a Burgerim, so we decided to try it out and preview it for Ashburn residents who haven’t been to one yet. (The only Virginia location currently is in Haymarket.)

You start by ordering and paying at the front counter. Even though we were given a pager, a staff member brought our food out to us.

The main focus of the menu is “design your own sliders.” You pick “Uno,” “Duo” or “Trio” (one, two or three sliders), pick your bun, your meat, your sauce and toppings. Burgerim doesn’t just offer regular beef burgers, they also have aged beef, Wagyu beef or a merguez spicy beef as well as sliders made of turkey, lamb, chicken, salmon, veggie and more. (Check out the full menu here.)

We kept things simple with two regular cheeseburger sliders (snooze!) and and an order of cottage fries. All were very good, served quickly and hot. Ashburn has lots of burger places, to be sure. Burgerim seems like it will fit in nicely, especially the location next to the movie theater in Brambleton for folks looking for a quick bite before or after a show.

FYI, for anyone wondering, we asked a manager and he told us the correct pronunciation is “burger-eem” but we’ve heard several other variations as well.

  1. PW Crantson 4 years ago

    Seven dollars for one slider? I wish these guys the best of luck.

    • The Burn 4 years ago

      That price includes fries and a drink.

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